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My Hand painted Halloween ornaments *updated*
I have only gotten 4 done and these took me 15 hours. I was scrutinizing them until 3am. Anyhoo I know its earlier and earlier that we get bombarded with Holiday goods. As a crafter who sells though, its all year. I just wanted to share what I decided to do this year for client sales. This is how I make extra money. As always my images are © Protected because I put them online. Sorry some if it looks blurry, I think its the stained glass paint. They are frosted glass bulbs to start and then the paint is special.

[Image: ornaments-1.jpg]
I freekin LOvE that mummy! Mummies are my favorite Halloween 'characters'. But that vampire and Jackolantern kick butt too! I wish I had a halloween tree to hang them on!
Great job as always Peg!!
These are so cute! I have a question though. How do you recommend displaying them? Do you have a Halloween tree?
Colleen you are always so sweet. You ought to email me your shipping address and maybe just maybe you will see a special gift all "wrapped" up. Oh and as far as my ornaments go, a display hanger is included so they don't need a tree. I sell them for $25 no matter what size bulb, these are mediums. I have sold so Many polymer clay mummies in the past, they are pretty special.
[email protected] ( don't say no to me :cry: )
Love them!
They are GREAT! Love them! Do you do wine glasses? They charge a pretty penny for hand painted glasses!
being a ween FREAK.......I.LOVE.THESE!!!!!

now, if only you could turn spooktacular into a physical painting/drawing i would HAVE TO HAVE!!!!!!

fab work, peggy!!!

Quote:onyxkeeper :
> being a ween FREAK.......I.LOVE.THESE!!!!!
> now, if only you could turn spooktacular into a physical painting/drawing i
> would HAVE TO HAVE!!!!!!
> fab work, peggy!!!
> denise
LOL, anything can be done, you want it? You tell me what size and I will do it. Flat canvas, stretched canvas, paper to frame on your own? Special request of color? Any thing added, like silhouette trick or treaters going to the door. If you ever want anything email me, and we can discuss it. No pressure of course. I just really like to share. [email protected]

I don't do wine glasses with paint because I cannot find the perfect glass sealant that is what I consider safe for the mouth. But I have done tall candle holders with clay ghosts and spiders, painted pillar candles, nesting dolls, and so on.
If you just heard a high-pitched excited screech noise, yeah that was me!!!!! You rock, Peggy!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, you know what I'm gonna say here after I oooh and ahhhh about your artwork. That space of yours you want? I could totally see you teaching Art and Nail Classes there with an area dedicated to displaying and retailing your lovely Art. : )

People tell me all the time that I'm spooky-intuitive like if I nabbed onto your Idea please don't say anything! The idea just came to me.

Erin you crack me up. And no you didn't spoil any secret ideas Big Grin
You know whats funny is I had my palms read at the Ren Fair for the heck of it. My second time. Anyhoo, I was told about a vision of my work being in some kind of gallery. What kind she didnt say, and I didn't go into my cyber gallery because it felt more like people were standing around viewing it. So you never know. I will let you know if your intuition comes to life.

Colleen, I wondered why blood came out of my ears a few min ago. Musta been you.
Quote:Colleen, I wondered why blood came out of my ears a few min ago. Musta been you
LOL well the vampire will be happy to see blood!

Hey do you have any other pictures of your Halloween artwork?
I could see it happening. Just because it's never been done before, doesn't mean it's not possible. I have some ideas that have come up from struggling as a newbie tech myself. When I have my salon I'm going to offer some stuff and positions that have never been seen before.

You just wait. Smile
Hey Colleen, I have my Halloween themed art on my art site in the link below. I am almost done with 3 more ornaments I worked on today. One I am so in love with I may not sell it haha.. I will update later.
If you email me I can give you that link to my private Facebook where pretty much all my craft photos reside. Which is different than my art.
Love seeing your special talent, please post more of the ornaments when you get them done.....
You should definetly teach a class. Out town offers programs for Adults that are once a week for 2 hours and may last 6 weeks. You may not get paid much but your name gets out there. Our library also has had some art classes and they get filled immediatley. I love the mummy ornament! He is adorable.
Awesome work. You are an artist!!!!
I luv nails.
sooo kaute!!!!!
Natural hair and body care. Custom Made hand and body butters, all crafter with 100% natural ingredients! We have Hand and Foot Sugar Scrubs as well Smile
I think some Nightmare before Christmas "balls" would be absolutely gorgeous. I seriously want a Halloween Tree now.
Thank you guys n gals, I can't wait to update with my new 3. But it's too dark to take a pic now, and I can't use flash or it will give me a lens flare thing. LOL such technical terms. So tomorrow when I get home from my real job. I will include a photo of one set of Halloween nesting (Russian stacking) dolls as well.

Erin, I would totally do nightmare before Christmas bulbs on my Christmas tree, I cant sell them though due to my feelings on trademarks. Gifting them is a different story. You never know what Sandy Claws will give out this year. Teehee. I am sure you remember my UV lamp and sterilizer tray I painted in Burton style. My clients love it.
Shoot I forgot to say, they sell Halloween trees with lights on them at Michaels craft store, they are black dead cute trees. You know what I might do now is a few mini trees that they sell, like 12 inch tall with mini Halloween painted ornaments on it, already done for sale. Clients bombard me with questions on what they get to buy this year. So if any of you have some fun painting you might think about this as personalized holiday gifts to give, or sell them like I do.
Peggy! Those are awesome as always your amazingly talented!
Great Job!
Yay, I'm getting a Halloween Tree now!
Here are the 3 new ones. Stained glass paints and acrylic paints.
[Image: ornaments2-1.jpg]
Wow! Those awe awesome Peggy! I like your idea of the halloween tree too. It's my favorite holiday so I have lots of decorations and always looking for more!

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