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How much extra for Rockstar Toes WITH a pedi?
Hi! I was wondering what you charge to ADD glitter toes/rockstar toes to a pedi? What if it's already a $60 spa pedi? Thanks!!
So, I charge $25 for Rock Star Toes on their own, and if I include a pedicure, I charge $45. I always do the glitter first, at my nail station so that their toes do not absorb water before I put an enhancement on. While they finishing their final cure on their glitter I go fill the tub for their pedicure. You have already done half of the pedicure by doing the glitter toes so your actual pedicure is shortened. I have them soak for a bit, and then start by applying callous elliminator to their callouses and while that is working, I finish the glitter toes, by checking my corners, removing the tacky residue and applying cuticle oil. Then treat the callouses, sugar scrub and massage. It really goes quite smoothly and all is done in 45 minutes.
Hope that helps!
I add $20 on to the price of the nail service they've booked, whether it's gel polish, Rockstar or Minx. Keeps it simple for everyone Smile
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
ditto to $20 more D
When I first started I didn't even offer natural nail pedi's - only RockStar - so I never looked at it as an add on! Originally I charge $45 for RockStar Toes or $60 with a Dry Pedi - the only natural nail pedi I did at that time was a dry pedi with no polish for $25.

Now I offer (2nd number is for that Pedi with RockStar Toes:
Dry Pedi (no polish) $25/60
Express $35/67 (adds soak & polish)
Spa $52/79 (adds scrub, mask w/heated booties & extended massage)

So you can see it varies. I wouldn't do just RockStar Toes for less than the $45 because 1) it is basically an enhancement service and you have to remove product before re-applying, and 2) you still have to do all the cuticle and nail work of a pedi. Personally, I think we're selling ourselves short doing that service for only $25-30! That's just me though... :roll:
Nail Tech/Owner
I agree CandiceAE Big Grin
Martine M.

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