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Yay!! Just got my Trainer Hand Today!
I am SO excited, this is REALLY gonna open some Doors for me in terms of improving at a much faster rate.

And I promise, I won't name "her" Rosie P...; )


So..any advice for me?


Hi Erin, did you get the gina wallace kind?? When you go to re-order your nails, make sure to get the short ones that are all different sizes. I made the mistake of ordering a bunch of "rebalance/fill" ones and I've had to cut them all down to practice my forms :roll:
Yep, Gina Wallace! I can't wait to dig in and really start working on acrylics now. I was kinda gettin' tired of the nails in stages practice sheets.....they're fun but I want fingers if ya get my drift! :roll:
You're going to love it!
I agree - I don't like the longer ones. I have had to cut them all down. The other thing that I do is use my e-file and remove the gel I have put on the nails. The thing I like about that is it gives me practice using my file and I can use the nails again instead of throwing them out and purchasing more.
Great advice Sherrie!

I love my GW trainer hand aswell.

The only thing I don't like is, I can't seem to get my forms (I've tried many different brands) to stick to the rubber on the fingers.

Does anybody else have this problem too?

I find i have to use these lil craft sticky things I have and I put them on the hard plastic just where it starts and my forms stick to this instead.

I still haven't named mine but I have been known to call her numerous bad names when I stuff up a new design I'm working on. :lol:
I use all of the "used" nails as polish practice too. I think that polish is critical and you can really tell when someone has been at it a long time by how AWESOME their polishing is.

As for the forms, have you ever tried a small hair clamp or chip clip to hold it onto the finger? They make the hair kind in ALL different sizes, so it should be easy to find that would work. I haven't tried my sculpts yet, but plan to try.
Yeah, I got it primarily to practice polish/nail art and gels on. Thanks for the tips. Wink
Great move Erin ! Gina Wallace is an awesome person!
Her passion...Helping nail techs to become Nail Care Specialists !
Have FUN !

Try either rubbing some acetone on the rubber part on both sides of the fingers where your forms go, or using a nail file and roughing up the same part. It seems to help the forms hold a bit better.
Thanks getnailed, I had thought about doing this but was concerned I would ruin the rubber and end up having more problems but I'm at my wits end with it now, so I'm willing to give it a go.

I live in Australia and to get anything shipped here from the USA costs a fortune, so the thought of ruining them was scary to me for this reason.

I will give it a go when I get some time tomorrow hopefully and let you know how I goSmile
Have any of you purchased the training DVDs that are available from Gina Wallace as well? Any reviews?
Only forms I could get to cooperate w "dolly (yes, I named my trainer)" were the metal reusable forms. I learned to like the metal ones more since prctcing for days with them.
Thanks foxydivaSmile
I do actually have a stash of them somewhere so I will try them out.

Broder13, no I never bothered with the training DVD's.
Hmm; I have the metal ones too, I'll use those myself, thanks for the tip.
I've had success with the Entity forms staying put; much more so than the other jillion types I've tried.

They're 2 3/4 inches long. I use the pink with grey ones. They're relatively inexpensive as well.

I like them for 'real' hands, too, because they come with two different shapes for adhering to the finger; meaning, when you pull the sticker out of the middle, there's a rounded side or you can choose the squared side~
double bang for the buck!
~Certified Master Pedicurist~
~Advanced Nail Technician~
I've just written about this in my intro! Smile

The nail trainer was the first thing I purchased and I ordered it directly from Gina Wallace. This saved me $$$ as another company sells it here branded as their own but it's a lot more expensive. Postage was quick and the purchase was streamlined. Gina Wallace is a good company to deal with.

I also purchased three of her videos (as part of the pack I bought) which I find thorough and relevant (even if a little dated..I think they were made in the 90s - BIG HAIR!).

Although I've not had it long, I've already gotten loads of confidence and have lost the fear I had with nails. Sure, I have a fair way to go but being able to practise with almost a real hand has been a lifesaver and definitely a boost in my learning.

Money well spent.
Just an idea here, Now that I am healing finally, I will be doing nails again (yeah), but I also scrapbook, I am wondering if the boxes of rubber dots for scrap booking would hold better on the practice hands..they come in 3 sizes and pretty cheap, but man do they hold things very well...might try it. Let me know if it works... Big Grin
May you find the strength to face tomorrow.. in the love that surrounds you today!!

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