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Can I add sugar to any scrub?
And they will think of you every time they use it. That is a great calling card Wink
"To put it bluntly, I seem to have a whole superstructure with no foundation. But I'm working on the foundation."
Marilyn Monroe
Can I please have it too we were just talking about given out this type of thing for the up coming holidays. [email protected]
All sent Monique Big Grin
I would love it too! Thanks in advance!!
[email protected]
Thanks I am about to find a health store and get to tring to make a batch , Thank you so much Peggy
NailNV I sent it to you. And Monique have fun it's soooo yummy and the nice thing is the oils go a long way as I like my scrub a little thick.
Wow..Thanks for the ideas Peggy!
Am trying to figure out what to "get" for my request I have one more idea!
Smile X)
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Elizabeth, IL
other e-mail:[email protected]
You know what would be really fun? You know the clear canning jars that come with all the dry ingredients layered on each other for making cake and its got the bow around it? I wonder if there is a way to layer some items that end up being mixed for a scrub or a soak of some sort. Maybe a cream scrub with shea butter instead? Shea butter is pricey so far as I can find. Just brain storming.
I would love the information too Sobeit! Thank you in advance! [email protected]
sent it to ya.
I would love the recipes also, it would make a great xmas gift to customers

[email protected]

Personal Pampering Esthetics
Smiths Falls, On Canada
DoTERRA Wellness Advocate
Babbs It makes fantastic gifts. My clients are already asking about it. They want to know what scent it will be this year. LOL
Sent it out.
Hi Peggy, Jumping in there too! Could you send it to me as well? Thanks!
KaiylaHilton, sent it to you. Big Grin
Me too pretty please!
thanks Smile
[email protected]
Hi Peggy,
I would love to have it, too please. Big Grin
thank you!
[email protected]
to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. Emerson
Just sent them out.
I would love to have the recipe too, please. Thank you very much.
brendalockett at
Electrologist 30
Nail tech 3 years
Fairytale Nails (Bring on the bling)
I do agree that "all natural" is good and a great seller to the clients who want them. Also, their results are wonderful, if performed properly. I take great recipees to technicians who live in countries where due to duty,etc they absolutely cannot afford to purchase commercial products and they work well.
HOWEVER, I do support Ellen in that one must be careful, and I add a thought. We are not holistically educated - no matter how much research we perform, nor are we formulators. From one who has done this research, I highly recommend 1, you make the products in very small amounts, no matter your research-shelf time is very short in most natural products, and 2, you understand that unless your ins/company is unique, your insurance does not cover "home made" products unless you specifically inform your company and they give you the OK. It is the responsible AND SAFE thing to do. Know that I did that once - and it was a nightmare of paperwork, etc. I quit using them state-side for that reason. I am a scairdy cat.
Also, you must research the US packaging laws for the information you MUST provide your client.
I especially love the honey and oatmeal scrubs, honey-based moisturizers, papaya masks and pumpkin exfoliation. They are not only great for manicures, they are also wonderful for facials. Performed carefully. They can be damaging if performed improperly.
Do understand, just because products are hand mixed and all natural does NOT mean they are safe. I love them, even train them but do take care.
Live and Learn - life is too short to stay the same
I'd rather no one assume what my email includes. If your concerned at all contact your insurance agency.
PS we do NOT have to be holistically trained to mix oil and salt nor do we have to be some sort of chemist. If you look up the shelf life of Jojoba oil and Honey you will understand its years upon years. This kind of scar tactic that I am shoving junk mixtures is why so many of us do not share on the forum. There really isn't room for 2 replies warning anyone that what I am sending out is dangerous. The first reply was polite and sweet and to the point, and helpful for that matter. The second is aggravating to me because its un needed and the member does NOT know what is in my email and should not assume what my recipe is. Its NOT my private recipe, it can be found online on several Natural Home made product sites.
Again if you have concern, look up what you need to. But don't get scared off because someone who also gives out recipes for that matter, wants you to worry that its dangerous to use what ever it is they assume I am using.
Thank you, Peggy. I received your email and really appreciate it.
Electrologist 30
Nail tech 3 years
Fairytale Nails (Bring on the bling)
If you have time, can you email me your recipe [email protected]

Thank You!!
Brenda you are very welcome. I hope you enjoy it.
Rose, I just sent it to you. Big Grin
I did't get mine Sad would u mind resending??
[email protected]
Licensed Cosmetologist
Practicing Nail Tech
[email protected]
A user of T.E.N. Gel and Young Nail Acrylic.
Quote:kathyharper :
> I did't get mine Sad would u mind resending??
> [email protected]
Of course.

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