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Can I add sugar to any scrub?
Ok, I just figured out how much qtica scrub i have been using and it is just costing too much money. Nailite sent me samples of scrubs and i have tried others and none of them have the same consistency. I was wondering if I buy the inexpensive scrubs that my local asian beauty supply sells and add sugar, would that be ok? I want to thicken it up but not use salt which is too course. What kind of sugar if I can use it? I tried to replace qtica with CND marine scrub and i am finding that it leaves a film on the feet.
Im emailing you a recipe and some advice so I don't give my secrets away to lurking non techs.
Hi Peggy, could you share your scrub info and advice to me as well? [email protected] - Thank you.
Of course. Big Grin
I would like your recipe also.
[email protected]
Sent them out Big Grin
Hey Peggy can you share with me too please?
[email protected]
Sure thing.
I'd love your recipe also please, [email protected]
Sent it. Big Grin
Me too, please? You got the addy. Thanks
Always be get farther.
Me too?? [email protected]

All sent. Enjoy and get creative!
Me too [email protected]
I would love your recipe too.
TIA [email protected]
Sent out.
can I bug you for it as well. thanks
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kathyharper :
> can I bug you for it as well. thanks

And me as well please Smile [email protected]

Thank you!
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All done, Big Grin
Just be careful when you start making your own products. Shelf life and contaminants, etc. You don't want a products liability issue if something goes wrong or spoils or causes someone irritations.

There are some great sugar scrubs that very little product is needed to perform a service and affordable.

The new Nubar line of organic brown sugar scrubs are awesome, spread like butter and very little product is needed. 12 different scents.
email me if you would like more info. airafair @ g mail
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There are so many great sites for making sugar scrubs. For craft sales, home use, gifts, and so on. I've done a lot of research. I'm not making claims to my clients and the ingredients are listed. The shelf life of jojoba oil is years and years. Honey never goes bad. I refuse to put the rest on this site. So unless your clients are allergic to the ingredients which should be read over by them, then there is no problem with them using it. And don't make any health or treatment claims. For those of you who got my email, you clearly see what's what and should decide if you want to look into it more or not.

Saftey for yourself and you client is a must. And if you go into body care goods that contain food like pumpkin, cranberries, mango and so on, you will need to read about preservatives or make in very small batches. There is a link to a homemade bath and body yumms, it will tell you when it's necessary and when not to worry about it, it will also tell you under the recipes how long of a shelf life there is to things like oil, sugar or salt, and so on. You will find the link in the thread titles scrub recipes.
Me too , me too , please :wink:
[email protected]
Sandra V.
Sent it out Sandra. Big Grin
Thank you Peggy Smile
"To put it bluntly, I seem to have a whole superstructure with no foundation. But I'm working on the foundation."
Marilyn Monroe
Your very welcome, often us techs ponder " what to give out as client gifts for the holidays" and this is really a very nice, affordable treat.
My local hobby lobby is having a sale on small glass jars, and there is a small one about 2-3 oz which is perfect size so it gets used and they want more. They have a good seal, and a little wooden spoon, they are 50% off so they come out to be a $1 each if you want smaller containers baby food jars are fun and you can cover the lid and tie a bow around it. I like canning jars with the pop up lids or jars that look like they hold candy ( sit at an angle ) tie a ribbon around it and presto, all pretty.

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