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off topic .... interior decorations ....
I am helping a friend who is building a house ... Do you have any cool web sites with interior decorations ?
Thanks ...
Sandra V.
#2 also their shows are great. Not only do the decorating shows have plenty of tips, but some of the real estate based ones do also, like Designed to Sell. The home stagers are great.
Always be get farther.
I would suggest looking at a magazine: Veranda, Home.. there's so many checkout Barnes and Noble.
Sandra V. :
> I am helping a friend who is building a house ... Do you have any cool web
> sites with interior decorations ?
> Thanks ...
Hi,Just so happens a friend and I are also doing some decorating and furnitur painting,we are looking at faux finishes,I have taken a decorating class so I have my study books,but i have also bought books on decorating over the years at book stores,to save money you can just drop by and look inside a few,if there is something that you like,can buy the book,some of this decorating tips has actually helped me in mixing colors for nails.
Thank you Smile
Sandra V.
My two favorite things when I am doing this (cuz it happens every few years) is a Wooly--which is a painting tool kit in just about any home improvement store. It is like $20 and it comes with a DVD full of tips and ideas and you can use it to create about 15 different types of faux finishes and then there is IKEA. All kinds of basic furniture items that are just ready for a faux finish! For wall decor, you just about can't beat Hobby Lobby. I completely redid my spare bedroom (colors, frames, art, etc.) for under $150 from those 3 places.
C-C My Nails
Newcastle, WY
Try Direct Buy. This lady did her whole house under 13,000 with flooring, appliances, windows and all. She lives in a 3bedroom, full basement on three levels.

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