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where to order heated booties for pedicures
I originally ordered heated foot mitts from premiere and sent them back twice. They were not heating evenly and not getting hot enough.
WHere else can I purchase decent ones that will heat evenly and are good quality.
Thanks so much
You can make your own.

#1. Sew some booties. Put the booties laying flat like a Christmas stocking. Trace around them to make a pattern. Buy some cheap towels. U can use bath towels and fold them over to save you from having a seam on the bottom, or you can save money and use 2 hand towels. Cut out the pattern. Sew along the rim. Flip inside out. Finish the stitching along the top anyway you want. Buy some ribbon, glue it on with fabric glue, fold it over and just sew it, whatever. You can be as fancy or as cheap as you want with the fabric and the final touches.

#2. Sew heated inserts. Take fabric and sew a little 3 inch by 4 inch pouch. Fill with rice, but only halfway. Sew it closed. Heat it in the microwave, put it in a ziplock. Wrap it in a washcloth and place it inside the bootie. You can also sew a pouch into the bottom of the bootie and sew on velcro to keep it closed.

The booties I have are gold satin with a velcro pouch on the bottom and a microwavable insert. I also have plain ones. When I am feeling fancy during a paraffin treatment I bust out my microwave ones and everyone ooh's and ahh's.
i got mine from sally's
but also universal has stuff too
Kathie Kirkpatrick get a grip on reality and choke it to death
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Footie- I would love to see a pic of your booties- I would like to attempt a pair, but seeing the end result would be VERY helpful! Thanks!
Any help on making pedi-socks? The kind with all toes out. I wanted to make some to sell and to give for client gifts this winter, but I don't know if a sock can be cut and sewn without ruining the elasticity.
Any electric booties I have come across in years past (and current salon) have always been uneven in heating.

I would like to see a pic also of the handmade ones. That is a great idea since I'm pushing waterless pedi's.
sobeit :
> Any help on making pedi-socks? The kind with all toes out. I wanted to make
> some to sell and to give for client gifts this winter, but I don't know if
> a sock can be cut and sewn without ruining the elasticity.

Just throwing this out there as I've been eyeballing a few versions of these for hands & wonder if foot ones could be made.

[Image: il_570xN228160664.jpg]
:? :? :?
My friend is back from vacation & I've sent her the directions above from Footie. I'm going to go through old but good towels from home & take them over hopefully sometime this coming week. Can't wait to get some to test them out!

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