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Acrylic to gel
I have acrylic on my nails and have for over 12 yrs. I would rather offer gel enhancements to my clients. I feel that I should also have gel on my nails instead of the acrylic. To transition to gel, should I take off the acrylic or as the other nail tech in the salon suggested, start with a gel fill and continue with gel from then on. Would that be the best way?
When I want to switch a client to gels I also just start with a gel fill over acrylic. So if I were doing it to myself I may do just that. But nothing beats a pretty new set of gel all shiny and clean. Oh the choices.
I do as sobeit, I fill over the acrylic. Saves time and there's no problem with adhesion.
I normally do a refill with gel over the acrylic also but it depends on what condition the acrylic is in.
If I have not applied the acrylic set, I normally do a full new set of gel but if I have applied and all is good, then I just refill.

I had a lady come to me about 6 months ago who wanted to go from acrylic to gel, she had her acrylics done at one of the local NSS and they had hairline cracks in them, the gel top coat they used was yellow and chipping and the tips they used were all too small and left a gap between her natural nail and the tip, luckily she didn't have any greenies but the crud that was caught under there was disgusting.......hence, I soaked off and gave her a nice new clean set of gels and she was stoked.
This same client is now at the NNO stage and she spotted my new Polish Pro colours the other day on her rebalance appt and she is now wanting to try out the PP and get rid of the buff off altogether.
Now that I have all my PP problems sorted, I was more than happy to agree to change her over and get to use a new colour on a real client V's a nail pop.

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