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Your Favorite Clients
Anyone want to share who their favorite clients are?

One of my clients comes in and gets fills and facial and then tips nice on top, she's easy to deal with (very nice) and always has the best Christmas presents that are very thoughtful and you know she did them just for you. One Christmas I got an apron with my birds face on it, which she embroidered. Another Christmas I got bath towels with my initials and my bf's initials (though I'd hate to break up and have to find another guy with a J name).

One of my clients gives me a check every Christmas, and like the checks your grannie used to send you, I never cash it. She's really sweet and always kisses me on the cheek and tells me she loves me. I love to be loved on, lol. Huggy clients are my favorite.
my best client died so devistated that i don't have mood at all for birthday was today but my thought was on her and her still crying cause she was a lovely person with a heart of a child but she was so missunderstood..her relatives were not close to her so she was telling me every single problem she had and how she was feeling.seing them at her funeral when they didn;t care at all for her while she was alive made me more angry and sad..i don;t know if you had lost a favourite client but my heart is broken because an angel left from this world..i never have dealt with somethinf like that before..its like i lost a close relative..i'm still cryinf writing sorry i highjacked your post but i needed to vent..
tsita, I am so sorry to hear that. I am glad you were there when she needed you and I bet you made her very very happy.

My favorite client, I have a few, most of them actually. They all support my craft business during the fall and winter holidays to help me with money. They gift such beautiful cards with letters of appreciation and cash in them. We laugh and have the best time being ourselves. Most of my clients are retired country club ladies that need great nails for bridge games.
I have said it before that I have a client that travels very far to see me every 5 weeks. From driving 2 hours each way to actually flying in from NY to CO when she was there last year for 12 months. She treats me like family. Over pays every time, and gave me enough money for my birthday to get this iPad. She is to generous. I treat them well I'm return. Very well. And they love the little surprise gifts I give out at random. These ladies are not just my clients, they are my family. They are the reason I do what I do.
I love all of my clients for different reasons, but there are a few that are extra special to me. Last December I had to leave my salon for a number of reasons and needed to find a place to work quickly. Needless to say, it was one of the worst times in my life. One of my clients called a friend who owned a salon and 3 days later I was working there. Christmas was only a few weeks away and due to my situation, I had no money for the holidays. Several of my clients knew what happened and were so generous and kind. They gave me cash and gift cards so that I could buy my daughters a few presents. They are the ladies that will always hold an extra special place in my heart.

When I was in nail school, I never imagined I would meet the wonderful people who have become my clients and I am so grateful!

Tsita - I am so sorry for the loss of your client. I'm sure she knew how you felt about her and appreciated what you did for her and how you made her feel. I hope your fond memories of her will help give you some comfort now.
tsita, I am so sorry.. I know exactly how you feel abour losing her, but in my case Mary was loved by everyone so I didn't have all that termoil in my head. The first appointment with Mary was at her house, she was waiting for the Dr to call for her to come in for some sort of proceedure/surgery.. as I am starting to polish I asked her "gee arent they going to make you take this off for the proceedure?" she replied "F NO.. I'm not taking my polish off for anyone let them look at my toes" Smile she was a fiesty but extremely giving lady.. that was gee.. some 15 years ago.. maybe more.. I still holler over Hey Mary when I pass her neighborhood..

She was absolutely my fav client.. never knew what was going to come out of her mouth, always on time, never issues and tipped well Smile
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