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Have any of you seen this?
If y'all went and joined UFONT, their plan was to have a salon locator that would identify STANDARD salons that people could trust.
C-C My Nails
Newcastle, WY
I also hope that many people visit your facebook page Donna.
It's just awful how this has spread and I agree with the fact that many people probably have a more negative view of us now than they did before. I truly believe Hannah had good intentions when she posted her article, but I also wish it had never been posted. Hopefully something good will come of this. I would love to have regular communication with some of the bloggers who can help to inform the public of all the things we would love to get out there. They have the followers, they just need the information!
Quote:I think what everybody on both sides of the board are missing is that this blogger is asking nail professionals to step up to the plate and start blogging. And to an extent--she is right. It's time some pros stepped up to blog to the general public about all the newest and hottest products for consumers to look for in a pro setting and what they can do to protect themselves and what they should expect from their salon and services. Maybe if there were more informed public, more so-called pros would have to step up their game. And if none of us are willing to take that step then maybe it's time for that old saying to come into play---put up or shut up.

I would have to agree with this. I’m not sure why people are angry. Or why they think that Hannah should not have posted. I'm glad she did. Part of the nail course I am doing even covers this aspect (social networking) of the business because, in truth, as a professional and especially if you are runnnig a business, this should be part of your business strategy. To dismiss blogs because you just don’t think your customers will visit it is folly because people are interested and they do visit. Even my mum visits blogs and she’s 70. More importantly, though, she uses that information she finds on those blogs to make her buying decisions.

If you are a nail professional and you don’t like a “non professional” taking over your turf then you need to reclaim that turf by putting yourself out there, no excuses. Quite simply, if you don’t have the time then you need to make the time. That’s business.

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