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"Nail Files" sued
I have a lot of thoughts and I hope this forum doesn't turn this into a nail files, painted nail bashing session again.
I feel for the limo driver and who can blame him? What an awful experience. Katie and the other passengers had no idea the driver was diabetic, nor having an emergency. How could they? So they were not wrong for being freaked out, and yelling that he needs to pull over, or asking what he is doing? No one as a passenger is just going to sit in the seat while the driver starts swerving, your going to yell, your going to be scared that an accident is going to happen, well before your going to assume the driver is having a medical episode. So no one can blame her for her immediate reaction.
After she became aware she took care of it appropriately.
With that said, it's the producers of the reality show, who want drama, and who are to blame for airing the footage against the wishes of the driver. I would sue the producers of the show as well. I would demand they stop airing the episode, especially when specifically told, no you cannot use me in the show. If they wanted to air it, they should have kept him out and made it anonymous. But this has nothing to do with Katie, who has little to no say how they edit and air. These shows do so much for ratings. That why we watch. I am sure there will be a lot of people saying this is why they hate this show, or other reality shows. But again, in all reality, it's drama induced TV and not reality at all. So if you hate them, please, just don't watch. Your life will not be affected if you do or don't.
That's all.
Did they show the guy's face or mention his name? Seems to me that would be the main point.
All I can say is if the driver honestly didn't want the footage used and said "no" and they used it for "ratings", then yes, absolutely, he has every right to sue. Katie just didn't know what was going on.
I don't blame Katie for her reaction or for it being aired. I only watched 2 episodes, (that one was one of them). I really feel sorry for the guy that must be embarrassing, especially if he did not give consent.
I would think there would be a counter suit against the limo company for endangering the lives of the passengers. Imagine what would happen if the driver went into diabetic shock? I thought you couldn't drive multiple passenger vehicles if you were an insulin dependent diabetic?
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Really good point about can the drivers employer be accountable.
The driver almost killed everyone because he did not take care of his diabetes.........Jezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I can't believe the producers didn't have the limo driver sign a consent form allowing his image to be used on the show.

One of my friends salon was on the reality show Split Ends and they made anyone who was in the salon the days they were filming sign a consent form. Maybe things were done differently because everything was filmed in the salon, but as far as I know, they usually have you sign something saying that you are aware you may be on film and you agree to them using your likeness/image for the show.
If he did not give consent, then he has every right to sue.

My mother is a diabetic and she takes very good care of herself in order to control her diabetes but sometimes no matter how well she has cared for herself, she will still have problems, just like this limo driver.

I doubt very much he got in that limo that day with intention of this event occurring.
Diabetes can be just as dangerous as a heart attack, there are many drivers who start to do the exact same thing due to a minor attack happening but no one picks on them.....why? It's the same thing, it's not intentional and it's not something the driver knows is going to happen.

As to hwy he didn't pull over a lot sooner, maybe he couldn't, maybe he knows himself that well that at first he thought it was a simple dizzy spell that would go in a few seconds or something but obviously things got bad and quick and maybe he was just not capable.
There were obviously the film crew in the car as well, one of them could have jumped in the front and taken over the wheel if they felt that scared instead of worrying about filming Katie going off just for ratings.
I get that it's all about ratings but surely at the end of the day, human life comes first?????

Katies response at first was out of fear and she was a tad nasty about things but that's what fear does to a person but after the real situation was discovered she acted correctly.

But if this guy feels strongly enough that he feels he has to sue, then so be it, he didn't give consent so the show should never have included it or made dam sure his ID was never seen at the very least.

I just hope he recovered fully and is all ok now.

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