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Great board???
First I am not an ARMY Wife. So get your facts straight. A person can do nails without being a "professional" and I don't plan on charging my friends...I said SAVE money? Second I don't care what you learned while in school....kudos to you! I was just wanting advice on a drill and IF it was JUST for professionals then I wouldn't be able to buy one. I was just trying to be pleasant and I believe you went overboard on your little message. SO sorry if I offended you by wanting to learn how to do nails without wasting a few months in school while I am trying to further my education in the medical field. I don't mean to offend anyone in this message board, but I was a little shocked by the admins comment due to the fact that this is a board that people can get together and share information and give advice for those who share the same interest.

Take Care.
Erika, it is my understanding that unless you have a nail license in ANY US state, you can not even PLAY on your army wife friends nails, let alone charge them so they can save a few $$.

Next point I'd like to make is an untrained person using a nail drill, no matter how much you hate hand filing, can be almost a dangerous weapon. This is HIGHLY unadvised unless you have taken some training with an e-file

If you hurt your friend with the drill, or your friend has a reaction to a product you applied because you were not properly trained to apply and or remove it, you could be opening your self up to a huge personal law suit.. I deeply advise you reconsider this path.

Even with that in mind, a cheap e-file is just that and you could do more damage with one that is not quality and made to use in this industry.

Acquiring a nail license is WAY more involved than just learning to polish nails.. we learn tons about anatomy, chemistry (we work with potentially dangerous chemicals ALL day long in the shop). We learn massage techniques, we learn about diseases and disorders of the hands and feet, what we can legally work on and what we can not. We learn how to deal with different types of nails and products, how to deal with the consumer etc etc blah blah.. the program depending on the state is 200-750 hours then a state written and practical exam.

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