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I need a go/no go vote
I need your vote. I need a go/no go vote from nail technicians.

The United Federation of Nail Technicians has been around for a few months now. But I am not sure that I’m not just beating a dead horse.

In the next 30 days we need to add 200 members to become a viable organization.

So I need a vote from you. Do we stay or do we go.

If you want an organization to protect your rights, advocate on your behalf, provide benefits that only large groups can get you should join the Federation by October 14th, 2011.

If you don’t feel that you need representation and that it is better for nail techs to go it alone, you should vote no by not joining.

On October 14th, I will tally up the votes. If we have added 200 new members then I know that you want an organization to represent you. If not, we will fold up shop.

Click here to vote "Yes I want an association to represent nail techs."

AARP = 7 million members
American Medical Association = 814,000 members
American Massage Therapy Association = 58,000 members
The Mars Society = 7000 members
Alcore = 955 members
United Federation of Nail Technicians = ???
I WILL join this week!! Don't give up! Slap us into shape! We DO need this--PEOPLE APATHY WILL GET US NOWHERE!! We need to get off our butts and support something that will support us!
C-C My Nails
Newcastle, WY
PLease don't fold up shop; it takes time to get new members. Nothing good worth lasting is built up overnight. I'll look into joining too.
Sorry Erick, but $25 per month is a bit steep for the use of a logo that no one recognizes and an occasional letter sent to the media (One letter sent with a trash can to a news station). The information contained in the letter about possible dangers of UV lamps in the nail industry, is widely available on the internet already.

Also, I don't see any clients looking at the "Federation" web site either to look up trusted nail salons. How would potential clients even know where to look?

Personally, I would not make any 100% guarantees about the safety of UV lamps because I do not want to get sued. In the end, it should be left as a personal choice by the client if they want to put their hands in the UV light or not. There is overwhelming evidence that the use of UV lamps in the nail industry do not cause any harmful effects, but exposure to UV light has been linked to cancer. Show your clients the studies and let them decide for themselves.

I'm not sure what your trying to do with The United Nail Federation, but if your trying to go big, I think you need backing from some of the major manufacturers like CND, OPI, Orly, Essie, in order to gain some clout.


I don't understand. Please elaborate on why you would not want an association to represent the interests of nail techs.

kkgunn :
> Sorry Erick, but $25 per month is a bit steep for the use of a logo that no
> one recognizes and an occasional letter sent to the media (One letter sent
> with a trash can to a news station).
> your trying to go big, I think you need backing from some of the major manufacturers
> like CND, OPI, Orly, Essie, in order to gain some clout.

I agree!

We don't represent manufacturers, we represent nail techs.

There is already an association that does a great job that represents manufacturers.

Not that we would turn away manufacturer donation, but if we represent nail techs, why would we need the backing of manufacturers to represent the nail tech?

If we were representing nail techs, wouldn't we need the backing of you?
UFONT, perhaps you could add that link again to the history of nails techs and how we were held in such high esteem, so the others can get a snippet of our history as nail specialists. Then have them read about your cause. There is just no point in trying the answer the questions if the asker has not read about your cause to begin with. Once that has happened, maybe they can understand what your doing, as it's clear right now they do not. And maybe show them the price tiers?
I wouldn't blame you if you felt somewhat discouraged with a question like,
"who needs you"...
I agree with everything that "The Federation" promises, but I also do think $25 is too expensive for me to join a site that does not have any new articles since March. Also one part of your site says that memberships would be starting at $19.95 a year. I hope that your organization can become the go to place for techs and clients alike to get accurate information about the industry. We need a site like this, but after visiting the site I'm not seeing how these promises are going to be kept. Don't give up; I hope you can take my comments as constructive criticism.

I understand your desire to further the cause of professionalism and integrity as it pertains to nail technicians. As it stands, I do not see enough value in being a member at the cost of $25 per month.

I am aware of the various membership tiers that were on your home page and I see nothing wrong with asking $15 or $25 per year for what your doing. Your link suggests that you need to raise at least $5000.00 in the next month, with continual monthly billing, to continue.

I kept my thoughts to myself when you first proposed the Nail Federation, but I feel that $275 per year could be better spent by the individual nail technician to advance their own interests as well as represent the industry.
And so we should abandon the cause because $25 is to much?
At this point, I'm not too sure about UFONT representing me, the nail industry, or my $25/month. It's hard to place much credibility in this organization based on it's poorly edited website alone (broken links, typing errors, grammatical flaws...). Plus, some of the membership benefits seem a bit vague and dodgy. I'm just saying....
Crazy in l Heart ve with Cuccio!
Has this been advertised in the professional Nail Magazines? I would think you would get a lot more members that way. If you did, then I missed it, which means it wasn't that noticeable. Or if it was only advertised once, that isn't enough to get noticed and people really show an interest.

I haven't joined because it didn't seem clear to me what I was going to get for my $300/year membership. And yes, that is a lot of money to me!! Yes, the manufacturer's have an organization, but you have to realize that they have a lot more money to budget because they are huge corporations. We are individuals who have to watch our budgets and make sure that our money goes where it will do the most good and see some kind of return.

I would also have to agree that I haven't seen much action taken by the organization accept the trash can thing. If there has been then that needs to be reported so we will know what is being done and know this isn't another group that is all talk and no action.

It might be better served to not take a defensive stance, but take our questions, comments, perception to heart and learn from it. An organization can only grow, improve and represent if it LISTENS to what it's membership or industry has to say about what is important to them and what they want in an association that represents them.
Um, what happened to the tiered membership fees?
Elyse in WA
The Nail Princess is in.
No where did I ask or imply that you should represen the manufacturers. I just believe that without their support this Federation will go nowhere as I belive that most manufacturerers DO want a better industry and that Jim, Doug and Paul addressed the UV light issue and seeing how they have a vested interest will continue to do so.

I am in the same boat as most - Is it worth $25 a month? I do not think so.
Quote:It's hard to place much credibility in this organization based on it's poorly edited website alone


So you are volunteering to make things better?

If there are broken links, typing errors or grammatical flaws please post them here so I can fix them today.

We are nail techs, not English Majors, so any assistance you can provide would be most helpful.

I thought I removed the "dodgy" "benefits" page, if you could please provide the link I will remove it immediately.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I am not sure that English Majors should be capitalized and I had to look up how to spell "capitalize", because I spelled it so badly that my spelling correction software didn't even recognize it. When you are speaking of a specific English Major I believe that makes it a proper noun, but if you are speaking of English Majors in general, I am not sure that the title of English Major is a proper title to be capitalized, unless you are referring to it in an academic situation.

P.P.S. For the last sentence, I had to copy and paste "capitalize" and add a d. See I told you I was not an English Major. And I had to look up sentence, because I spelled it "sentience", which is actually to ability to feel, and not the word I was meaning to convey.

P.P.P.S. The Beauty Tech page you are looking at now has grammatical flaws. But you still use it.
There are grammatical errors running rampant through most everyone's participation on here, and through many many of the members web sites, links they want us to look at, blogs posted by members and non member in the nail or beauty realm. I don't think it makes the point less valid. I cannot stand it when members abbreviate words here like ppl for people or u and r instead of words. It happens all the time.
Shoot 99% of my post edits are to correct a misspelling.

I wasn't talking about the posts, I was talking about the site it's self.

(Oh gosh darn, is it supposed to be it's self or itself) (AHHHHH. Is it supposed to be supposed or suppose?)

In any case, about our website... It is a community operation supported by our members.

If there are problems, tell us about them and we will fix them. The point is valid, but the point itself is not helping anything. Pointing out the errors would be helpful.

P.S. I am assuming the point is valid, I haven't found any "broken links, typing errors, grammatical flaws..."

P.P.S. Is the use of "..." warranted here?
Can you tell us how many members are in the UFONT?
As far as I can tell you are running a business, not a ".org" non-profit advocacy group. That being said, since I am a member of your target audience, I gave my impression of the product presented to me. It's not an attack on you as a person, but that was my honest initial reaction to the site.

It is not my concern as to how posts made on the BT Board by myself or anyone else are edited/proofread because I am not paying BT or it's posters to represent myself or the industry. It's a free message board. However, if I am to consider paying you GOOD money for industry representation, then I think I have a right to expect a bit more....even if English wasn't your major.

Do I have the time, or even the qualifications to properly go through your whole site and point out what's what, no. There are people, and services out there for this purpose.

PS It's most definitely NOT a good business practice to be so sarcastic towards potential clients. Don't take it personal, it's just business. Big Grin
Crazy in l Heart ve with Cuccio!
Quote:UFONT :
> sobeit,
> I wasn't talking about the posts, I was talking about the site it's self.
> (Oh gosh darn, is it supposed to be it's self or itself) (AHHHHH. Is it
> supposed to be supposed or suppose?)
Yes I understood that and was saying that grammatical errors happen on lots of forum and even website, professional and non. But whatever. I'm done with this topic now.
You know, Erick, the question really shouldn't be coming from you whether you should keep this thing going or not, but it should be one from the membership as to what have you done in the last few months to put forward the agenda of the UFONT?

Quote:"If you want an organization to protect your rights, advocate on your behalf, provide benefits that only large groups can get you should join the Federation by October 14th, 2011."

How are you planning to protect my rights? As you see them, what are they? Other then the garbage can incident, how has the organization advocated on my behalf? What kind of benefits have I received from being part of the organization? (I thought that, as a member, I was to receive a percentage savings when ordering from Gelousy and other than a "back to school discount" I've gotten no discount even though I've ordered a few times while I was a member. Even 5-10% would go a long way to keep me interested.)

I have yet to see a newsletter in my email, on FB or on your website as to the activities regarding the UFONT since I started paying for the membership. All the organizations that you've mentioned in your original post communicate with their membership on a regular basis.

So, my questions still remain? How many members are in the UFONT? And what are you planning to keep me as a member?
I have suspended billing for our current members pending the results of this vote.

You have fair questions. As far as what we have done; lots of things. More than I am able to list here. They have been posted to our Facebook page. Just one example was to debunk the myth that Florida was deregulating nail salons. We were the first outlet to debunk that myth. The national media and nail magazines were even reporting it incorrectly.

Here is the real point. With the number of members we have now, we can’t function. Thank you for supporting us from the beginning, but it is simply not fair to you to continue operations without more members. The number we have now really doesn’t matter at this point but it is somewhere around 50.

If we can get 200 new members in the next 30 days, we will be able to function and move forward. If we can’t then we know there is not enough interest.

Someone mentioned that we needed to get support from manufacturers. We do have support from manufacturers. In fact if we can get through the next 30 days, all of our members will be receiving Doug Schoon’s new DVD, for free as part of their membership. He has already offered us the use of all of his educational materials for the benefit of our members.

The American Massage Association has 58,000 members. The dues are $350 per year.

It is simple, at 250 members We will be able to hire a publicist, government lobbyists, take out ads in major consumer magazines, offer health insurance, credit card discounts, start State and International chapters, offer education, establish national standards and create a certification program.

At the membership level now, I am personally subsidizing the Federation. If you want to come together and create something for nail techs, now is the time. If you think that you can use the $25 a month to go it on your own, then we will shut down. It is simply a matter of economics.

Support from many people has been great. Attacks from people that think we are creating some sort of “cash cow” to bilk $25 per month from as many nail techs as we can, then fly on our private jet to Jamaica every weekend to play golf, have been equally as sharp.

I don’t need to do this. But, being the husband of a nail tech that struggled for the first few years I know that it would make life much easier for nail techs everywhere. We don’t have a union, what we have is human trafficking and slavery. We don’t have health benefits; we have nail techs that can’t get health insurance because there is no insurance group for them. We don’t have representation at the State Board, we have States trying to deregulate us. We don’t have standards, we have a bunch of manufacturers all doing different things contradicting each other. We don’t have a retirement plan, we work until we die.

Now you have the opportunity to change it. Or not.

If you doubt my ability to lead, fine. If we get the 200 new members, we will hold elections for President. You can vote me out. I don’t want this for myself.
So what you're asking is for us to put our trust in you with our money so that you can build this organization into something that will eventually serve us as nail techs. Essentially, we are your initial investors.

I gotta tell you, your pitch at the beginning kinda stinks. As did some of the replies to questions. BUT, this last post of yours, explaining what you have done, and are planning to do, has sold me. I want to be a part of an association such as you have drawn up. I will pay $25 a month to help support the cause.

There have been some valid points, though. You state that UFONT has done more things that can be counted, but I never knew these things were happening, and it doesn't sound like most of the folks here did, either. What can be done to get the word out more effectively? Is the Facebook page in your signature? How about the website URL? I thought I'd liked the FB page, but if I have, then I haven't seen much activity on it (although I do remember seeing something about the Florida salon dereg myth.).

Maybe the real problem here is that UFONT isn't being noisy enough. This thread is a good beginning to raise awareness. Maybe you could start over, skip the "vote for me or I quit" (yes, it did come across to me as more of a pouting session than a professional business proposition. I doubt that you meant it that way, but that's how it seemed to me) and take the time to make a list for us of the "countless" things UFONT has done so far for us. Show us what you've done, give us some incentive to trust that our money is well spent. Like I said before, this last post of yours in the thread sold me. I am going now to the website and will sign up to be a member of UFONT.

By the way, while I'm here...this has bugged me for some time. "United Federation of Nail Technicians"? There's a reason why I drew a comic. It really does have too much of a "Star Trek" ring to it, which makes it hard for me to take it seriously. This is my own opinion, and it may simply be that because I'm an ST fan, I'm sensitive to it. BUT, it could be that there are a lot of nail techs who are ST fans as well, and they might have the same problem. Just something to think about.
Elyse in WA
The Nail Princess is in.
Okay, I've signed up. I appreciate that I won't be charged for the first month. I really do want an organization that will do the things you're talking about. I know I'm not the only one.

Come on, my fellow nail techs, let's not focus on what UFONT currently isn't right now--let's put some faith into what it could be if we support it. At the very least, the cost is a tax write-off--we have very little to lose, and a whole lot to gain. And $25 a month is nothing. It's one nail service a month. How much do you spend on your latte's and cigarettes and chocolate fixes in one month? Put $6.25 in an envelope every week, and you've got your payment. I know times are tough--they're tough for me too. But there's always a way, if you really want it.

We complain a lot that nail techs are the red-headed step-children of the beauty industry, that no one listens to us, or considers our needs, or gets us education, or whatever else. We're totally up in arms about the bad press nail services are getting recently. So far, though, very few of us are actually DOING anything about it other than complaining. We have a chance to make a change with an association like this. The big hurdle for us is that we have to build it first. Are we too lazy to do the dirty work?

Nail techs aren't lazy! We work hard for our money, and we take pride in our work. Let's focus that pride and hard work on building a nail tech association that will take care of us and have some real clout in the beauty industry and in society. Let's BRING IT!
Elyse in WA
The Nail Princess is in.

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