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I currently use Akzentz Options but my clients are really unhappy with the color selection and they do not do glitter. Even their new Luxio line just doesn't have the the colors I need.

We use YN for gels and for acrylic and I'm interested in trying out their gel polish line, but I wanted to hear what you guys thought about it before buying the kit!

I use original Mani Q and depending what I'm using it for, I like it.

Anything you could share would be much appreciated!
I use 2 lines of gel polish, Mani-Q & Eco. Mani-Q is by far my favorite, and many of my clients prefer it as well, and won't wear the other. Depending on how they are with their nails, my clients vary between 2-4 weeks. I've tried many of the other lines and am looking forward to the Eco & OPI bottle formulas, but until then I am having fun with the Mani-Q, since I can marble with it or add glitter it gives many service options!
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Nice colors and great wear. Can be hard to remove.
Glad to hear about the colors and wear. The removal is what I'm concerned about. For rockstar toes or even as an overlay it can be in pain in the rear. Is anyone having better results using an accelerator in their acetone?
If you decide to buy, I have 3 bottles of base and 3 bottles of their top coat I"m looking to sell. I've decided to just stay with Gelish base and top, makes things easier.

I do use an accelorator. I should clarify that it isnt always hard to remove. Sometimes it just comes right off. If you leave the acetone on for awhile it can come off easier and I'm known to be impatient so it may be just me. :?
I love the Mani-Q. It goes on so smooth, and the colors are really pretty (well, most of them. Brown 101, anybody? Tongue) It does take a little longer to soak off, but it buffs off pretty easily too, with little effort. And of course, if you use the original ManiQ, you can mix your favorite regular polish into it and get about the same wear. Pretty cool! And of course, I'm a Shellac lover as well. Big Grin
Elyse in WA
The Nail Princess is in.
I use mani q and really love the application and colors, I can't compare to othe sogp because I haven't tried any others yet. Lasts super long on toes, depends on fingers for me, not entirely sure why but some people have had it chip a couple of days later and others it lasts until the next appointment.
ManiQ is my favorite! I've used opi, le, shellac,nsi & a few others, my clients looove maniQ, you can press glitter in the dispersion layer & get a foil effect, last for weeks, does soak off in 10-14 min, buff shine off then wrap nail in acetone & cuticle oil, or gently file off, files off easy with no damage to the nail if filed correctly. You'll love it!!
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To help with the soak off, dont prime the whole nail only the free edge.
When I rented, I only used YN ManiQ but am moving to a new salon as an employee and they only use Shellac. A little nervous.

I used to use Mani-Q and thought it was the best, until I started using Gelish (Harmony) I find it the best gel polish product. It does not chip and can last up to 5 weeks with just re-growth.

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