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education fustration
So I'm living out here in Saskatchewan Canada. I cant seem to find education on anything!. I'm looking for a Threading class, Cnd Master painter class and some more advanced pedicure classes. I am willing to travel to Edmonton, Calagary, Toronto, Saskatoon, Las vegas, Minot, Bismark, Minneapolis. Any one have any suggestions? Dont suggest going to CND website. Everytime I have contacted them about this they have given my useless answers.
I feel like i'm stuck out here Sad
The best thing I can suggest is view all the manufactures websites you can many have how to's, also search out videos and work with them. I know it's not the same but I have learned more this way since I cant always make a class. I have been adding to my education library for years also google techniques and u tube is a great option also.
I have read anything and everything. My client appreciate that I spen a lot of time researching techniques and tips. But I hate saying "oh I learned it on the internet". Sad
Learning on the internet is NOT the way to approach something new as a professional. Hands-on training is by far the best. (for art that is a little different but for fundamentals I don't think you can learn online)

There are other techs on here in your area who I hope will chime in. I know of ladies out here in BC that do education as well as good schools, but it depends on how long you're willing to be away from home.
Hi Tania..

please email me & I'll see if I can help you out..

[email protected]
I am compiling a report on this very subject this week and am perfectly happy to include Canada. Creative Nail Design is willing to listen and take notes of who wants education and where. If you really want your voice heard, email [email protected]​om with your name, email, location, and the class(es) that you want. A full report will be given to CND Monday, Aug 8 2011, so PLEASE email by Sunday if you want to be heard!!!
Holly L Schippers
CND Education Ambassador

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