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*Nail pics!!
Nails I have done recently...
[/img][Image: IMGP0031.jpg]
[img][Image: IMGP0003.jpg]
[/img][Image: IMGP0004.jpg]
[img][Image: IMGP0005.jpg]
[/img][Image: IMGP0006.jpg]
[img][Image: IMGP0009.jpg]
[/img][Image: IMGP0010.jpg]
[img][Image: IMGP0011.jpg]
[/img][Image: IMGP0012.jpg]

[img][Image: IMGP0017.jpg]

[/img][Image: IMGP0018.jpg]

[img][Image: IMGP0024.jpg]

[/img][Image: IMGP0025.jpg]

[img][Image: IMGP0028.jpg]

[/img][Image: IMGP0029.jpg]
You are very good! I like them all!
Love them and that was fun. Big Grin You do great flowers, thanks for sharing.
Marie in Canada.
Very nice flowers..
Are they all hand-painted?
Smile Very, very pretty!!
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Thank you for the nice comments! Yes they are all hand painted.
Wow, those are really nice. Gosh, my nail art looks so embarrassing after that. How long does it take you to make those butterflies?
After you get the hang of it it is very easy and quick...No more than 10min does it take me to make the designs on all nails.
Those are very nice
Love all the girly nails!
Mitchele Sheree Hunt
CND Master Painter
very dainty!
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Thank u all! Smile
Omg! Those are all beautiful!!
CND Master
young nails
light elegance

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