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Almost a year since I started school...*progress pics
I would really appreciate some feedback if anyone feels like it, I am try really hard to improve my technique, have a hard time sometimes still though, smile lines take me forever, building to the right apex etc.
These are both gel.
[Image: tink.png]

[Image: 002whitesculpt.png]
You're doing really well!! I can see you're going to do fine when you graduate.

Your smile lines look really nice, I like a nice 'smile' like what you've done. Did you do reverse? A longer nail bed could make the nails look more elegant.

On the p/w set, middle finger, left hand, I'm seeing the apex really drop toward the cuticle. I'd put a bit more there so there's not a distinct change the shape. Look at the nail from the side view when you're working and check for the contour.

I wish I'd been doing this well when I finished nail school!!
Thanks Donna for the feedback! I did reverse on the sparkle set but not on the p/w. I find it easier to build the apex that way, but still sometimes struggle with it.

I actually graduated a couple of Months ago, but fell like I will be in practice mode for some time to come and can't wait until I am completely comfortable with the processSmile
Great color on the glitter set and like Donna said, smile lines look great! All of us had to practice lots after we got out of school.

Chin up, you are doing great!
I like them! Your doing really well! keep up the good work!
Great work!
Stefania Nail Tech
[email protected], stefania r casadonti facebook,
"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity" -Edgar Allen Poe
I think you're doing great!!


"Winners never quit and quitters never win"
idonls :
> Great color on the glitter set and like Donna said, smile lines look great!
> All of us had to practice lots after we got out of school.
> Chin up, you are doing great!

I agree; that greenish/gold glitter is so pretty!
Not a nail tech yet so I don't know much but these look great to me. Good luck can't wait to get started myself.
Thanks ladies, advice and encouragement much appreciated!!
These look fabulous!
If you ever want to get together and practice let me know! I am in the NW of Calgary!
I think your cuticle work is fantastic, which is an area not easily mastered. I agree with Donna about the apex, but ya know each nail is different so you will find you get that down as you keep discovering the shapes nail have. The nail from the side view should have a nice even curve to it, and not be thicker at the tip but in the center. It looks if you just added a little more product just behind the stress area that it would be an even gradual shape.
( I find the stress area on the client by gently pressing the tip of the nail and the where the nail bed turns white is where they need to be thicker. )
I think the glittery set is really gorgeous.

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