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searching for an all natural polish or oganic polish
I am searching for a wholesaler for either all natural nail polish or organic nail polish with a large choice of colors. Does anyone have reccommendations? Have you actually used any and do they stay on?
Thanks so much
Zoya, and they last great on natural nails. I have had clients go up to 14 days but 10 was about normal for some.
Look into water based nail polish. I have never actually used them, but have heard that they take longer to dry. The also remove with alcohol, not acetone. Overall, they tend to have the least amount of "chemicals" in them, but there really isn't a completely 100% natural nail polish out there.

As far as the best, gentlest "regular" polish out there, I love Zoya. Their formula is "4-free" and vegan and the color selection is marvelous.
I also use and like Zoya. I checked into water based polishes and found aquarella and suncoat......they have quite a few colors but unfortunately they don't last as long. You don't use base coat or top coat and they have their own removers. I like them as an option for people who are willing to sacrifice wear for the water based aspect. I like aquarella because it had good depth in the color and nice shine.

Nubar colors are also Cruelty Free and Vegan classified

The company was the first to be carcinogen free 11 years ago and founded on the healthier alternative.
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