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Gel Polish Pale Pink not at all sheer
Anyone know of a gel polish line with a pale pink that fully covers the nail? Been using Romantique by Shellac but she's not happy with the color, not enough pink. UGH. Tried Eco Bare Foot Pink, she says still not enough coverage? Anyone?
Strawberry Smoothie?
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
I agree, strawberry smoothy. Or you can add some red to your Eco barefoot pink. I mix Eco right on the nail. It only works to do that with gel pigment polishes and not Gelish or shellac. I take a dab of the color I want to add in, tap it to the nail and then get a bead of the base color and mix while covering the nail plate.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention she doesn't like any glitter, or "shineyness" (brain fart, can't think of the word.)..... to the color at all. So strawberry smoothie is out... I will try adding some color into the barefoot pink.... this client is a royal PITA
Have you looked at Pink Smoothie from Gelish? It's a nice pale pink that's opaque. Not sure if it will be pale enough for your client, but I suppose it's worth looking at to see. It's also a flat pink, so no shimmer or glitter or anything in it.
I have layered Romantique over Strawberry Smoothie, and the romantique covers up the pearlescense of the smoothie. You could try that?
Elyse in WA
The Nail Princess is in.
I just put NSI pink cashmere on myself after several months of not using it. It's prettier than I remember. It's a sheer creamy warm very light pink. They meant it for French but with 2 coats its very nice on it's own.
I have pink pigments that you can add to make it as opaque as you'd like.
Are your nails Tuff Enuff ??

Brenda Anderson
President/Nail Tech
Tuff Enuff Nails
Checotah, Oklahoma USA
[email protected]
Thank you everyone!!! Tried the Gelish Pink Smoothie, we'll see if she's satisfied with it. If not I'll try the strawberry smoothie with Romantique over it.......

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