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Youtube channel I found

I wanted to share this. Lots of information. Product reviews, tutorials ect. (From a pro :wink: )
Nope Never mind.
Thx for the mention Jimsjadab:-)

Sobeit: why are you so hateful towards my channel. After I responsed nicely to your rude and erroneous comments on yt, I thought you would've had a better understanding of the info I convey in my videos.
LovelyInstinct, would you please tell us why you don't go to a nail salon to remove the gel from your nails? I saw where you were telling people how to do what is considered to be professional techniques at home. I'm not being sarcastic, I truly want to know why you are telling people to do these things at home, it because they want to save money or because they, (your viewers) don't want to go back to the salon?

If it's because of bad experiences, you could help us get the word out to the public what a truly professional salon should be like. We could work together to educate......
Quote:LovelysInstinct :
> Thx for the mention Jimsjadab:-)
Sobeit: why are you so hateful towards my channel. After I responsed nicely to your rude and erroneous comments on yt, I thought you would've had a better understanding of the info I convey in my videos.

Actually you responded with telling me off after I tried to tell you that you in fact were incorrect. I don't support DIY nail videos that have many incorrect steps or their info backwards. I do not support youtubers that claim they are a nail apprentice and try to show people how to do nails at home. And I do not support a licensed practicing nail tech telling DIY people where to buy products you need training to use. And trying to give a tutorial on it.
Lovelyinstict you started out showing reviewing product and I thought it was great. Telling people the difference between gel, gel polish, and acrylic. Then it turned into a how to get these products and do them yourself. No need for the salon. Which is also just fine, until I try to correct the misinformation put out about a SOGP, and you tell me your a nail apprentice and you don't need to go to school. Fine with me, but i asked how you intend to keep clients if you tell them where and how to do it at home, and you blocked me. Again I don't support sites like yours. Call it rude if you like.
Hi Donna! Before I started working towards getting my nail license I went to salons to get my nails done frequently. However after years of doing so, I wasn't pleased with the services. I went to "chop shops" (bc I didn't know any better when I was in high school) and as an adult I went to other salons and still got horrible customer service and/or nail service. In all of my videos I encourage those DIY'ers to visit a salon to get gels removed bc of the risk of damaging your nails when removing them and not properly knowing what you are doing. Gels are one of the major problems (besides the gel polish) that I see people destroying their nails with. And its not me showing people how to get things off of ebay or these other sites that I heard people frequent, believe it or not, there are a lot of videos on yt that just show misguided steps. When people do gels at home they don't think about what's going to happen when I'm ready to remove them. Then somehow they find me. And when each person says "help, I can't get this stuff off" or "help, i think I messed up my nails" my #1 response is always: go to the doctor (if it sounds like an infection) or please visit a nail salon and get it removed there.

I started the yt videos as a way to talk to others who had similar interests as me and who were interested in talking about nails. True enough I did save money when I started doing my own manicures and polishing my own nails, however, I didn't just one day decide to add acrylic or gels to my nails (I didn't want to cause unnecessary damage). I began to look into taking nail classes, looking at my options for nail certificate programs in my area, and looking for apprentice opportunities with nail techs who did offer the skills/technique that were lacking in the salons that I previously visited. Most people who I've encountered are either practicing nail techs or cosmetology students. For those who are not professionals/students I encourage them to get educated before attempting to use the products at home and waste hundreds of dollars when you can find someone that is very skilled and knowledgeable about doing nails plus I'm constantly warning people about how they can easily ruin their own nails.

Most of my videos are requested and I have noticed a lot of people have had horrible experiences and they refuse to go back. Not only is the problem with "chop shops" but its also a problem w/ "Americanized" salons who are not up to date on trends, who do not offer great customer service, and techs who do not know how to properly care for natural nails. I know its hard for people to find a quality salon bc I was once one of them. There are some really good nail techs out there but then people run into the problem of getting an appointment bc the good techs keep a very full book (thats a huge problem where I live). Even some of the most expensive places still have techs who are not properly educated when it comes to manicures, filing nails, and applying tips. I think there should be a way to get more info out to customers on how to find a quality nail salon and I also think that more nail techs should be active in attending classes. I've met so many students who get their nail license and have no clue on what/how to do nails properly but they still go out here, charge people, create funguses, contaminate the whole place, etc all bc their school didn't take the time to go into more detail about what to do and not to do.
Sobeit: I don't/didn't mean any disrespect. I wasn't initially trying to be rude in my response to your comment. I got upset when you accused me of not being a professional. I simply told you that you do not know everything about me, the disclaimers I say, etc based on one 10 minute video you watched when (at the time) I had over 80 videos. And the video that had an "incorrect" step (which was left out for purposes of time) was me not showing how to stir the pot of colored gel. I understood your comment in saying that I still should show that step but like previously mentioned, it was to save time and I was just giving a look at how the product works, etc. Just like you are saying that I "claimed" to be a nail apprentice is why I'm starting to get aggravated again. If you don't know, some states allow apprentices in cosmetology and nails. That means that if you do not attend a beauty school or junior college, you can earn your hours under a licensed professional by doing twice as many hours as someone who attends school. Now since you may not be familiar with this process, let's use my state as an example. Look up Alabama's State Board for Cosmetology and notice the different forms available for being an apprentice, the requirements, and so forth. Not once did I ever tell someone that school is not required. I can't control if people want to do their nails at home and ruin them. Thats their business. I don't encourage people to be their own techs either. I just like to share what I know, learn from others, and discuss topics. However, for those who have a passion for nails, want to learn all that they can, make it a business, do other peoples nails then yes! they most definitely have to attend school and get educated. I also want to note that there are a lot of schools that do not teach everything. For example, I attended a nail class this summer and you wouldn't believe how many nail techs have been contaminating people bc their school didn't teach them any better and they had no idea what they were doing was wrong. Therefore for you to think that school makes some of the foolishness people do out here right, you are completely wrong. A lot of the techs in "chop shops" attended somebody's school and their still slashing those cuticles, have dust everywhere, not properly using those e-files, not sanitizing their station when a person gets cut and bleeds on everything.

As far as the products go, I have bought numerous items from Premier Nail Source (mostly files and some polishes and nail art and only 2 brands of SOGP bc someone was curious about it) but if you checked into my other videos, read the info box, read the comments, or listened to me a few minutes then you could easily see/hear that for my gel polishes and other items I either buy directly at trade shows, from the company itself, or from professional only stores (such as Cosmoprof). I responded to your last comment before putting you on block (which is strange that you couldn't see the response). I block anyone who is disrespectful on my videos bc they are my videos. I'll leave the comments there for all to see but I will not tolerate constant name calling and disrespect. If you initially were not trying to be rude (then I do apologize bc sometimes it is hard to know how someone means something when you can't hear the tone in their voice or their sarcasm when reading the screen). In response to that last comment, I do not think that just bc I post a yt video that I will lose clients. In fact, the videos have actually brought more attention to my services. Most people do not have the patience to polish their own nails, therefore, yt is not causing professionals to lose money. If you know your target market then just bc someone puts a video out there it will not hurt your business. Anyone in the beauty industry can tell you that everybody is not going to get in your chair. Just like no matter how much you try to inform others about frequenting "chop shops" they will still go bc of the price and how quick they can get in and out. I don't worry about everybody else bc everybody else is not who I'm competing with.
Let me give you our side so we can understand each other....some of things you're demo'ing is with products that are supposed to be applied by a professional....that's where we get our strong feelings from. That being said, a lot of the nail co.'s are looking at the almighty dollar and have now turned a blind eye toward the fact that professional products are being touted as an 'at home use' product, or DIY'ers are making it seem so. That leaves the door open for lots of problems caused by improper technique. I understand the difficulty of finding a salon that is truly professional and knows how to treat a client, too. Maybe a part of your blog could address the issues in finding a truly pro nail salon. Some of your readers probably miss getting pampered or would love the chance to have some really great nail art, something they can't do for themselves. Wouldn't it be in all our interests' to point out the do's an don'ts of what to look for in a salon? If we worked together, we can expose the dangers of unhealthy salons and put professional services back in the salon where it belongs and not at the kitchen table.
Completely agree Donna! I have been thinking of a way to create a link between consumers and reputable salons in their area. At home care cannot entirely replace getting pampered (they can just learn how to maintain their nails until their next appointment w/cuticle oil, etc). Who doesn't enjoy having someone else to pamper you:-) I did create a video on how to spot a bad nail salon a long time ago and I think it is time to create an updated version with some of the things you mentioned here as well. I will keep you posted on when I have it ready. I didn't really think about consumers getting these professional only products bc most of the requests of comparisons come from professionals who are looking to invest in the line or from consumers who want to see swatches so that they can request the service when they go to their own salon. This should be addressed as well in an article or video or both. Thanks for taking the time to kindly speak on the topic to me. I really do appreciate it.
i have to chime in on something that was mentioned about clients not wanting to go back to some "pro salons" due to their inabilities well that is exactly what i am doing with this networking we are having in november here in texas.. i agreed to do it when asked because i am having working techs approach me asking for assistance in learning what they did not in school.. we need to be helping one another in this field to improve skills and learn even just the basics that were so obviously skimmed over in some schools so that we can bring our client base back to us and out of those quickie places .. if there are some who are putting out shoddy work, how can we diss nss salons.. we all need to help those get better educated.. which is what this forum is used for quite frequently. this board is a great asset to those seeking more knowledge..
but i do agree that we dont like to see anyone out there encouraging the general public to diy anything that one day we then have to
Kathie Kirkpatrick get a grip on reality and choke it to death
"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and
well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, body thoroughly used up, totally
worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"
LovelysInstinct, you've brought up an area that I feel like WE don't think of as professionals....a lot of us don't have the time or inclination to check out the new products offered constantly, it's pretty overwhelming. I for one, tend to stick to the tried and true products I've been using for a long time, coz my motto is: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.....tho I guess I really need to be more open minded about checking out the new stuff.

I would like to see a survey of your viewers who've been to a salon, their experiences, what they liked, didn't like, how they felt about the service received, and most of all, would they go back. The biggest problem we have in our industry today is that the public has absolutely no idea what's acceptable in a salon from the standpoint of states' laws and from just great professional service. How can the public make an opinion of what's right and wrong if they don't know. WE know the rules but they don't and the NSS, (non standard salon) counts on the public being dumb in that area. If we can educate them, we can start to reverse the bad image that is being created by the NSS.
I never called you unprofessional, what I recall saying was your behavior was unprofessional. I tried to correct something you were showing people how to do AT HOME and you told me, " if you can do it better".. Well I can, because I know that product line, and I guarantee you did not stir the pot, nor just skip showing it for time, since you edit your videos anyway, and stirring takes seconds, I can tell from the look in the jar, and from the way it looks on the nail, but my years of experience were questioned by an apprentice learnjng nails by watching someone work? You went off on me, not the other way around. And when I tried to reply to your attack on me, you had blocked me. I was never out of line. I have been doing nails for 18 years. I could have come to your channel and complained about everything, as I feel tutorials geared towards AT HOME use, and not geared toward your fellow tech, is going against the profession we love.
I made a very huge applaud to a video of yours I watched well before the gel polish one. It was you telling people not to get taken by the acrylic/gel nails. So I have watched more than you say. I came to my conclusion about your channel based on your extreme defensive stance on my very minor application correction. I am not interested in continuing a discussion with you on this or any topic really.
Gels & gel polishes are not a 'major problem ' that people are deystroying their nails with, you could wear any nail enhancement out there for years & if properly taken care of & removed properly (even properly with acetone, which is a harsh chemical) your nails should be fine without any damage, it's not the product, it's the tech.
CND Master
young nails
light elegance
"In all of my videos I encourage those DIY'ers to visit a salon to get gels removed bc of the risk of damaging your nails when removing them and not properly knowing what you are doing. "

I'd like to know exactly where in your video on "how to remove traditional gel nails", did you encourage anyone to visit a salon to have them removed? I actually watched that particular video twice, since I thought I may have missed it the first time through. I am not trying to be disrespectful, but the information you are giving your viewers on how to remove their gels is not correct. As both Sobeit and Donna have asked and/or stated, why are you instructing people to remove their gels at home? This really isn't something that people should be doing as the potential to damage their nails is HUGE!

It's one thing to post videos on YT explaining the differences between SOGP, traditional gels, and acrylics. It's another matter entirely when you are showing people how to remove a product that is meant to be removed in a salon. I completely understand that there are many, many salons out there that damage people's nails, however, there are also many of us who continue to seek out education, attend trade shows, talk to the manufacturers, provide excellent customer service, DO NOT damage our clients nails, the list goes on and on. We are the ones who are constantly trying to educate our clients on what to look for in a professional salon so that they don't have "horrible experiences" as you said.

You have to understand that not only are we trying to better the profession and clean up the mess made by the NSS, but now we have shows such as Dr. Oz that spread lies about our industry. In addition, we have this new wave of DIY'ers who post videos on YT and write blogs that also include misinformation, instead of teaming up with professionals who can get the right information out there. It's extremely frustrating!
Jims, thanks for the heads up. I viewed the channel with interest.

I think Lovely makes some good points and I think they're worth pondering.

In Australia (and many other countries), nail technology is not considered a profession. In Australia it is not licensed and it is not regulated in any way. Anyone can buy anything and do anything they want and call themselves a "nail pro". But at least we have government recognised education. A lot of countries don't. At least, from what I can see, Lovely has taken the time to put something together that makes nails accessible to all. At the very least, if you think something is wrong that really needs correcting, point it out rather than gloss over. It helps us all to be aware and gives us an opportunity to conduct our own investigation/learning.

While I understand some people’s frustrations at what they see to be unprofessional behaviour, I also find that a lot of reactions of this nature are fear based. From where I sit, the fact is that you don’t really need a lot of training to be able to utilise products to perform nail services; formalised training just enables you to be licensed. I know nail techs who judge and publish articles and run successful businesses who’ve never attended a formal class in their lives and people who’ve been in the industry for 20 odd years before such training was formalised. So I guess the point is that if you’re careful and you research then I don’t see the harm. Granted, I am a beginner in nails and I am attending formal training but, to be honest, I could’ve just as well done the lot at home and attended a few manufacturer run classes to get where I am today. I know a lot of nail techs could say the same (and do).

Lastly, as an aside, it is a sign of a person’s character to extend kindness even in the face of annoyance or lack of understanding or when you plain wanna rip someone's head off Big Grin Telling someone off or blindly accusing them of things doesn’t do anyone any favours. So in the essence of furthering our knowledge, even if you don’t agree, be kind anyway.
I am not even going there.
Lastly, as an aside, it is a sign of a person’s character to extend kindness even in the face of annoyance or lack of understanding or when you plain wanna rip someone's head off Telling someone off or blindly accusing them of things doesn’t do anyone any favours. So in the essence of furthering our knowledge, even if you don’t agree, be kind anyway.
I'm not sure who you're directing that last comment at, it could one of the commenters or all of us.....but really?? The last thing we need on this board is someone telling us to play nice. Deb, the webmaster does a very good job of keeping things under control. We've ALL exhibited the social niceties while posting on this thread. NO ONE has stepped out of line...questions were asked and they were answered. No name calling, mud slinging, etc., went on. This forum is by far the 'nicest' one on line, imo. You ain't seen nothing here like you can see on others. You're new on this forum, and also a beginner to nails, and so far you've contributed nothing in the way of helping except to tell us how to act.....quite frankly, I don't think it's your place to do that. Your experience in the area is totally useless to us for information.
@toothypegs: Thx for the nice reply:-) You have made some very good points that we all should consider.

@Sherrie90630: I make this comment while talking in the video (let me get the exact time minutes for you when I can pull up the actual videos). To cut down the confusion, maybe I should state it upfront before going through the motions. It was never my intention to encourage others to do it at home if this is not the field that they're in but it was to share what I have learned with other beginners and current professionals and create a visual/dialouge of how others do things. It was also created to show those who frequent salons to see what is expected or what new products are on the market for them to request at their next appointment. My way of doing things is not the only way. I understand your point of there being quality nail techs somewhere and as Donna mentioned before, I hope to create a way so that my viewers can get access to these good techs in their areas so that they can go to a salon more often.

@Cindee: understood and great points. It is the tech that causes the damage and not the product itself. I intended for my videos to show what has worked for me knowing that if the product is not removed properly and how damage can easily be created.

@Donna: do you mind if I mention your name in the video? I would like to post your survey questions in the info box and then ask viewers to respond below in the comments. Everyone is welcome to reply to the comments posted but if I don’t cover an area thoroughly, I think you would be good at responding as well.
I don't mind at all. I definitely want to see the responses you get. It should be interesting!
There have been many posts about how inadequate their nail eduaction was, comments like "you learn enough to pass the state boards" - Are you a professional just because you passed?

Personally I would choose a nail tech that apprenticed under a successful veteran professional nail technician, than someone that just knows enough to pass the state boards.

Just my opinion.

LovelyInstinct, your responses are very professional. Knowledge is power and the DIY are DIY that may go to a salon if someone gives them a gift certificate - you have figured out that is not your target market. Your videos help consumers make an informed decision. Keep up the good work!
I don't want any of you thinking that I am bashing or trash talking Lovelyinstinct. I was blocked from defending my words over 7 months ago based on a minor application correction for a gel polish line. When the conversation went rude defensive on her part, I stopped caring about anything she was sticking up on YouTube. Obviously. I watched a few vids before that. I stand by my belief that I do not support a channel or tech that gives incorrect tutorials for DIY viewing. You can support anything your heart desires. It does not affect me one bit.
Wow. So much insecurity and so little time! *lol*

No Donna, my post – which you obviously didn’t read in its entirety - wasn’t directed at you or anyone else but I can see that didn’t stop you from being especially rude to me anyway so I can see my post was quite relevant after all. Thanks for illustrating my point so succinctly Smile

Quote:Are you a professional just because you passed?

This gives great food for thought, Gelpro. With the emphasis being on licensing, sometimes it pays to consider what actually makes a good nail tech rather than what course he/she did or didn't do. For example, I can provide (and have provided) beauty services in five star spas but because I am taking formal instruction in gels I am dismissed as a beginner with nothing worthwhile to offer. Like you, I think there’s more to being a nail tech than passing a course.

Good channel. Glad I looked at it. Big Grin
Quote:gelpro :

Personally I would choose a nail tech that apprenticed under a successful veteran professional nail technician, than someone that just knows enough to pass the state boards.
I understand this, and agree from a clients view. So when I was making a correction that clearly wasn't taken well for whatever reason. I informed her that I have 18 years experience and taught for several years. That trumps an apprentice telling me " if you can do it better then go ahead". And on another note, being a professional doesn't mean your highly skilled. It means you behave and talk and respect your industry. There are non licensed non schooled self taught nail artists who can put a lot of us to shame. That does not mean they are professional. And those who do lesser quality work, while begin respectful, and clean, and detailed, and care, that's makes them professional.
Lovelysinstinc called me unprofessional for assuming I don't know anything about Eco gels and axxium pigments. She repeatedly tells people how to do these gel polishes at home. Tells them to go ahead and use regular nail polish in between the gel polish base and top coat, how to soak them off at home, and to google where to buy the lamps. So I dont want to hear anymore about what a professional means. If you tell consumers to do nails at home, yet claim to be a nail tech, what does that make you? The video in question is not aimed at other nail techs. It's full of discussions on how to, with potential clients. It's not about there always will be DIY'ers, thats not an issue, it's about NAIL techs telling them to do it at home. If she were a non tech, telling other non techs to do it, I wouldnt be saying a word.
I appreciate all of the positive feedback. I've tried to throughly explain or at least give a glimpse into why I make videos. I respect everybody's opinion. At the end of the day, everyone has their own choice on whether to watch my videos or not.

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