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E-file purchase (help)
This has probably been done to death but I didn't spot any recent threads. Forgive me if I've missed them.

As a newbie, I'm after an e-file to assist me in my course. The college I attend have a model that we are encouraged to buy but I've tested it out and, if I can be honest, it's a cheapie Asian model that isn't comfortable to use or hold.

I am prepared to make an investment on something that performs well and will last. From my research, the Erica MT20 and Kupa UP seem to be right up there. And I understand they export to Australia so that’s great.

Do any of you use or know of these? We don’t have them here so I can’t test them out but I’m loathe to buy the ones I have tried here which are cheaply made models that I’ve never heard of. I am therefore looking for some advice regarding performance, repair etc.

Thanks heaps in advance.
I have an Erica mt20 I love it! Very smooth quiet and light, I have used a cheap kupa before and it broke on me after only 6 months of use, but I know lots of tech who have the higher models and love em...I've only had my Erica for alittle over 2 years, but recommend it to everyone!
I have an Erica MT20 and I don't like it. It hurts my wrist and actually makes my whole arm sore. I've been using it because I dropped my Medicool Propower 30k, so I had to send it in for repairs. IMO the handpiece for the Erica is too heavy, the cord pulls on the handpiece and gets caught on the table, it isn't balanced, the area to hold it is too far back, for those of us with short fingers, and it is too narrow. I much prefer my Medicool handpiece.

But each person has a different preference. Unfortunately, you won't know til you try one to see how you like it adn what fits you.
I agree you won't know til you try em for the comfort, but I think both that you were looking at are good quality. Is there a salon nearby that you can go introduce yourself and see what they use?
have a good Kupa drill for sale with a lot of other stuff on swap and shop
i have the upower 2g from kupa and i looove it, i like that you can use it cordless, quick when you need to do rockstar toes, it has absolutely no vibration and is well made, I just took a young nails course and we used thier efiles which were really good too, neither one of these caused stress on your hands and run so smooth you and your client can't harldy tell they are on!
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i love my erica mt 20
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Thanks so much for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

Quote:Is there a salon nearby that you can go introduce yourself and see what they use?

I have done that actually but they're all using no name Asian made models. I did come across a Young Nails e-file but was told it was a branded Kupa.

I realise that everyone has a difference preference but it's good to see that all of you agree that both are of good quality so at least I'm on the right track.

Thanks again!
Yes, don't get a cheap efile! I bought a bogo one at a good beauty supplier, it wasn't real cheap, $150-$175 I think, omg you could jackhammer the street with it, your hand went numb, it was horrible, then I bought 2 more different efiles that weren't super cheap but one broke quickly & the other, by this time I spent what I could have on a good one! Good quality is worth the $$$ Smile
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Cindee, the new UP2G is the Kupa model I was looking at. I understand it's the one Young Nails brand as well.

Did you purchase it with the pedal or do you do without?

What's the battery life like? I understand the battery only gives you 2 hours continuous use. Is there a plug in option as well? Thanks!
I have a Medicool Turbo and I love it. It doesn't vibrate, 20k, forward/reverse, you can adjust the speed, does the job, 1 year warranty and it's about 150 out the door. I do want a Kupa someday but hey, with short fingers and a small hand like mine, the hand piece on mine is awesome. : )
hi thereSmile I didn't get the foot pedal only because I have never worked with oneSmile it's digital so it's very easy to adjust the speed, I love it, it's very convenient, they told me the battery life itself was like a cell phone battery, last a year or more, it does come with an electrical cord and when I'm in the shop, I keep it plugged in except for when I'm doing rockstar toes, I take it home alot on the weekends when I'm going to practice, do my or my families nails...and I've gotten more than 2 hours of use out of it, practically a couple of days use (of course I'm not as busy as I am at work) but.. like I said, I do keep it plugged it at work. I really think you would be happy with either one, they are both awesome but i love the portability of the upower, it does have forward, reverse, 20k (which I thought woudn't be enough because my old one was 30 but it works just as well, we never turn them up that high anyway) I talked a friend of mine into getting one and she didn't need a new efile and the upower 2g is all she uses now! sign on to kupa's website of facebook page, they run specials with the upower every once in a while too! good luck! You won't be disappointed!!!
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p.s. I think the replacement battery is $100, I didn't buy one when I bought the machine, just thought I'd wait until I needed itSmile
(in previous message above, I meant check out their website or facebook page, not
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Cindee, thank you for your detailed response. That is exactly what I needed to know.

I appreciate your time in answering.
Your very welcomeSmile glad to help, I would want honest opinions before I spent a lot of money plus it's one of your most 'vital used tools of our trade' Smile
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YN E-file the best!! Would not buy anything else. Thin, comfortable, no vibration. AWESOME! Big Grin
i would like to ask once again what would you suggest for a buying.i need a light handpiece with minimum to no vibration and to be good quality and not extremely i asking to much? Smile i was searching on ebay and found this one from medicool
what do you think? i need to buy something that can be shipped to greece.
Ditto on the MT-20. It is really quiet, no vibration and I don't find the handpiece heavy or cumbersome. I will be honest and say I haven't used a Kupa efile except for the first year when I had a Mani-Pro. I've used my Erica for 4 years now and it is a workhorse.
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I have the RAM products RPM Combo. It has a slimline ergo hand piece that is super light and comfortable with no vibration. The cordless unit goes to 20,000rpm and the desktop unit goes to 30,09rpm. The same hanpiece is interchangeable.
I also have the RAM ergo slim. Love it. It is very lightweight and so slim.
I have used a Kupa KP2500 for about 7 years WITHOUT any issues! LOVE it...however I just recently started having some issues with the hand piece and need to send it away for service. I had been wanting to get a backup mostly because I am tired of moving the other one from the desk over the pedi area for Rock star toes. So, I bought the new Kupa Upower and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It is SO lightweight, easy to move, the battery really lasts more than 2 hours, easily plugs in to charge while continuing to work. It is awesome! Now I will send my old Kupa off to be serviced and THAT one will be the backup!
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I have an Erica MT20 and I love it. I must admit, I have never owned any other efile. I have no vibration with it.
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I have a Medicool - the portable one and I love it.
thank you for calling it an e- file and not a drill, by the way! drills are for construction workers and dentists ! LOL
I have a Erica MT20 that I'm willing to sell. I bought it last June at the Premiere show. It has been used on a part time basis for 6 months. It is in like new condition in the original box. I paid $399.00. I would be willing to sell it for $299.00 plus you would have to pay shipping costs. If you're interested please email me at [email protected]
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