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Magnetic Nail Polish...
Is anyone using this? I had a friend ask me about it and I had never heard of it. The only company I can see selling this in the US in LCN. Any info anyone has on this I would love to hear! Thanks!!!
Hi, I did my internship in a SPA and the nail tech uses that brand, she had all the LCN magnetic collection, they are nice, I think they retail for like 50 dollars (all set, professional price) If I remember right.
She let me played with them and it was fun :lol: , but was a little messy, had to tried like three times to get it right.
The best colors of the collection that came up nice were mainly the purple, green and the black.

Long ago I had a swap with a friend and I have one from the brand "essence"(you can google it) I have copper rulezz, it's fun but you have to learn how to apply it's tricky, and how to cover it properly with the magnet, because if you get a little too closer it ruins and smudges the polish.

I will say it will be the next thing that CG, OPI, and Orly are going to come up with it's just a matter of time, I will say next year.

Big Grin , I hope this helps.
They look kind of fun, but I'm betting for the time involved it wouldn't be beneficial for a service, since it's just regular (fancy) polish and I don't think clients would pay the extra for the service that would make it worth our time. Just MHO
Nail Tech/Owner
Its actually not that time consuming!
You put on 1 thick coat of polish, hold the magnet over the wet polish as close as you can get, hold it there for 10-15sec and bingo! design!

I have a few of the colors, I think they're pretty neat!
Thanks ladies, this might be a good idea for the holidays on my mani girls. I think it may even be quicker than hand painting nail art and adding gems. Worst case scenario is my daughter gets some new polish :wink:
I read in Oprah magazine that a company called nails inc. has this polish also,I just saw it on tv this week a lady on my local news station was telling about her nails and that this procedure was new and her nail tech was the only shop around here that does this,nails inc has a video and you can buy the 3 colors that they have at Sephora .co ,so anyone can get them,so I dont think this would work for a nail service.
Yeah it's faster than reg polish and dries quicker.... So I just charge like 2$ more cuz it saves me time... Clients think it is soo cool and "magical" lol
I saw this on youtube this morning:

Gelish - Magneto

Also, gelish is supposed to be coming out with a magnetic gel polish. I'm so on that.
Martine M.
China Glaze is coming out with a set, too!

Three different magnets for three different effects Smile.
Fred Meyer has some for sale with an LED lamp!
[Image: smileytransport018vj1.gif]
yeahh..A revolutionary Magnetix Nail Lacquer magnetic introduced by FACES has set a new trend for nail art. This magnetic lacquer creates stunning designs with its magnetic cap in just few minutes.
Watch this video tutorial of doing a freat nail art design with Magnetix nail paint

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