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A Sea of poorly done french toe nails running around!
I get the client likes the french polish look on the toe nail. I hate it, hate hate hate it. The look of it, not doing it. When I am asked to do them, I make that white line the same lenght of the toe nail free edge, which in my opinion should be a slivers length. BUT I look around me and toe nails are being left long ( what? ) Confusedhock: Not only are they too long, which I think some are doing because they "think" they need it for the white polish, but the white is so dang wide and so straight. Chicklett toe nails @ the tips. I just do not get why making the toe nail "look" longer is even crossing a mind, let alone actually keeping it longer and polishing it french colors. I cannot be the only one who notices the hoards of clients donning these, what I call, poorly done, french feet.
Ewwwww! Long toenails are gross but that is my opinion. I cut them right off and always have plenty of room to do the white. I prefer thin white lines with Essie Mademoiselle or Marshmallow over the line.
What about thick white straight lines on fingernails. Just as bad.
There is something about toenails, and they should be short, clean, and neat. Not longer, with huge exaggerated white polish lines LOL. I used to think the flare nails were unbecoming, but they have grown on me. Not for me to wear, I keep mine natural and short with polish, but I love looking at some of them. But toenails being long, or having any enhancement on them, giving them any length will never grow on me. To each their own I suppose, but its without a doubt something I will never think looks good. Never.
Smile I prefer a thinner white also, BUT.... 99% of my clients ask me to make the white wider, because they say they want to make it last!!! Grrr. I try to explain that toe nails grow slower than finger nails and it is not neccessary to make the white wider.. But they think they know best.. and they are paying to get what they want.. and if they are happy then I feel I need to let them have what they want..
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Long toe nails are wrong! At least to me. Yuck. But I don't like the french look on them either. Maybe if I get over my foot phobia I will think different. :lol:
I've got one client who insists on putting white on at least a third of her toe nail.... Confusedhock: :roll: Gag, I hate it!!
See, glad to know I am not alone. And while we always give the client what they really want, at least guiding them to a less horrifying French white on the toes is in order, LOL. I know there was a nail blog on this topic a while back, ad I agreed fully, I wish clients would stop getting them done.
I love the look of bubble bath or other Creamy light French without the white on the toes, gorgeous look. I am way into the Zoya nudes on the toes right now, pandora being my fav, if not that, and it's fall, then I try to push the chocolates, taupes, and black. Love it!
Had a client insist on very thick white line and then looked down and said even more white. I was so dumbfounded I Know that I must have looked at her as is she had 10 heads and I actually asked her if she wanted to look as if she had long overgrown toe nails. She the announced that she likes the white really wide so that in a few weeks she could cut them herself and still have the white she did not have to have them done so often. I was so horrified by what they looked like I did not want anyone to see them on her way out...felt like telling her ok, I'll do them that way if you promise not to tell anyone where you had them done! I would hate for anyone to think that was my regular work.
I actually use Art Club white striper polish to do the white on the toenails but nine times out of ten, they'll ask me to make the white wider. I hate that look, too. I think it looks so much neater with the white thin, more classy looking. But, again, it's what the client wants!!! LOL
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Oh lord, no thick white.
Hey now P...We call those Stripper Toes here in L.A.


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