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Has anyone used Keyano pedicure products?
Just noticed Keyano pumpkin line in this months nails magazine. THey do not offer samples so I am wondering if anyone has used this company and their opinion.
I use em very nice pumpkin scent clients really like it
I have used many of their pedicure lines and they are all awesome! You will NOT be disappointed.!/pag...5762137237
The easier it is to be good at something
The harder it is to be great
Ok, I am trusting you. I will order the pumpkin line. I am just so particular. i have Haken samples and am not thrilled with the consitency of the scrub. Its just a bit too gooey for me. People rave about Haken. The scents are amazing though.
Does the soak give off a nice stong pumpkin scent? I want STRONG that they smell it and feel like the extra money being spent is worth it.
WHat about the pumpkin cream?
I used the Amber line and love the lavender soak, scrub and masque. Te recover cream is awful.
So thats the problem. I now am not sure if I should order the whole line or just some of it?
I am so worried about the months to come and want to find ways to entice these people. Winter is a tough season to get through.
All of their products are AWESOME!!! I Love the Pumpkin Spice Line and The Champagne & Rose Line, My clients Love them too Smile
Your Nails are Jewels not Tools!! Smile
I just ordered their Pumpkin Spice last be continued.
Crazy in l Heart ve with Cuccio!
The pumpkin spice smells amazing and the scent is strong. Makes the room smell great.
Is there a Keyano pumpkin spice foot soak? I'm not seeing a soak anywhere.
Just the scrub, masque, cream, and oil.
Yes they do.

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