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Where can we get info on Monomer and affect in health? Doug?
I am sooooooooo, soooo, sick of hearing from one of my coworkers that I am killing people with my monomer, she no longer wants to work when I do. I have 4 acrylic wearing clients. So I of course I do acrylic a whole 6-8 times a month depending on if it's 2 or 3 weeks. I need to print something up to tell her I am not killing her. Good lord she does color multiple times a day, as do our other 7 stylists. And I am the only nail tech here, working 2-4 days a week. Acrylic being the least of my products used. Help.
i would much rather smell acrylic than a sobeit.. fb doug he will answer you .. i love that he is accessible to us on facebook
Kathie Kirkpatrick get a grip on reality and choke it to death
"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and
well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, body thoroughly used up, totally
worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"
Great idea. I am friends with Doug, and I just get sick of it. I live in an area that wants to be misty "green" but I am trying to make a living here, and my clients that wear acrylic do so because I know it is what works for them. A whole 4 acrylic services every 2 weeks and she makes a huge issue of it? But she will color 4 clients a day? Really! Cmon.
It looks like my question to Doug is not getting an answer. Anyone else have any ideas on how I can defend myself on this topic. Out of the 30 days - 43,200 minutes in a month I expose the salon to 60 of them. It's ridiculous.
There was a recent article about monomer in Nails mag but then I read in the sticky section of Beauty Tech that inhaling monomer long term gave someone COPD and she had to give up doing nails.

As a student, I'm not allowed to apply enhancements in class without the ventilation system being on so.. and it is drummed into us that ventilation systems must be used due to OH&S regs I'm just it a position you can defend? Or is it time to get a ventiliation system in your table?

No judgement. Just questions.
No I'm not going to be able vent the table as it's not mine and that won't take it out of the building. The salon will vent if they turn on the fan. My issue is, my 60 min of monomer time per month is nothing compared to her 6 hours a day of color and Brazilian blow outs. That's where I need defense, and to me, yes it is something to defend. I don't use it often and I can see complaints if I did them hourly or daily but I don't. She does. There are purifiers going all day and like I said a vent to the outside. She just thinks that my little product is killing us. But not the world pollution, her plastic water bottles, the manuer on her organic food, and so on. A nail tech gettin COPD cannot really be linked to monomer as far as I am concerned since we breath a lot more pollutants and toxins every day.
Again, I only have 4 steady acrylic clients, see some twice a month and others once, monomer sits in the dish for 10 min a service, application I'd quick.
would this help?
I would like all advice with being a nail technician
Sweet! Thank you thank you thank you. It's not that I dont think acrylic can cause an issue, after long term, repeated over exposure to inhalation. I just think I use it so little that it cannot be worse than daily hourly hair color odor that sits on the head for 45 min. And that blow out info. Yes! Helpful.
Yw. You have helped me so much. I'm glad that I could help you for once.
I would like all advice with being a nail technician
Why not ask Doug directly? You can e-mail him.
Carbon Monoxide is odorless! That's my best comeback. The level of scent is not an indicator of how dangerous something is.
sobeit i reposted for you to doug and erick.. hopefully with us both asking we could get a response.. i would love to have that info on my website
Kathie Kirkpatrick get a grip on reality and choke it to death
"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and
well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, body thoroughly used up, totally
worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"
Thank you. Big Grin
I would have done it for you, but I figured you had his contact info.
The main component of acrylic monomer is Ethyl Methacrylate. The FDA allows polymers of Ethyl Methacrylate to be used as indirect food additives and for use on food contact surfaces.

The Cosmetic Ingredient Review panel created with the support of the FDA and the Consumer Federation of America has concluded that Ethyl Methacrylate is safe when skin contact is minimized, because skin contact may cause irritation.

The International Journal of Toxicology has concluded that use of Ethyl Methacrylate is safe.

There is no research that says acrylic monomer when used in a salon is harmful when used as directed.

Acrylic monomer has been used in salons for over 30 years and has never once been linked to any long term harmful effects.

Acrylic monomers are used in thousands of products we interact with every day. You really can look in any direction right now and see the results of an acrylic monomer. In fact there is probably cured acrylic monomer in your mouth right now.

No one has ever died in a salon as a result of acrylic monomer exposure, however over 150 people per year die from hot tap water and 450 people die each year from falling out of bed. You can take cold showers and sleep on the floor to minimize your risk, but you will be 100% safe from your friendly neighborhood nail tech.
Erick Westcott, CEO
Gelousy Gel Nail Systems
We know EMA is safe for use in small doses in a nail tech setting. The OP was after written evidence she could refer to.

Thanks for clarifying Sobeit. Sounds like you have a petty worker on your hands. Pardon the pun. I suppose you could throw Doug's book at her?

Quote:the manure on her organic food

*lol* So true!
Erik, I could kiss you! I am printing it out and hanging it up in the break room.
And yes, there is lots of poo on her organic salad, doesn't sound to safe to me, and it's kept in a plastic container of all things, and I know her bottled water can contain bacterias that tap water happen to be clear of. My point is, she is not connecting the dots to anywhere but me.
what about the breathing in of hair spray from can? It's been proven the droplets from hair spray get taken into the lungs and have caused damage over the years. The spray from a can has more 'hang time' than pump bottles and could possibly cause problems for people who're already having issues wit their lungs...jmo.

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