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Wow! Who is Katie Cazorla?
And what is she on? Confusedhock:

I was reading the June edition (?) of Nails Magazine and looked up this dynamo. Is the show for real or is it a set up? I’m not being smart – sometimes ‘reality tv’ confuses the heck out of me.
Or, judging by the views, shouldn't I ask? *lol*
I love her and her show! She would be a blast to work with. I am sick of boring stick up the butt nail techs or bosses I have worked with. I would kill for a boss that would booty clap for celebrity rap artists. Haha. She was a comedian looking for Hollywood fame, she also loved nails and went to school for her tech license, and opened shop... Her reality show is as "real" as editing for drama TV.
I didn't know she was a licensed tech. I thought she dropped out of nail school to start up her business. Either way, I wasn't too sure if it was a documentary or a send up, like Jersey Shore (please don't tell me that is real).

I'd love that fitted out truck she has, though. I could do some real business with that.
Hahaha, don't roll your eyes and some of you will ha, but I love the Jersey Shore, the Real housewives of New Jersey, bad girls club.... And other trashy drama tv. It gives me something to complain about other than my own day. Its how I unwind.
I have to go back and look, I could swear after so many techs on here had a fit that she was "giving" nails techs a "bad" name, that she defended herself and said she was licensed. Could be mistaken. I still love it. I don't know why anyone would want her to act fake, and be boring as all get out. She isn't allowed to cry at home, or get upset when she is over whelmed. Because some here have said that makes nail techs look unprofessional. Its not discount shops spreading disease. It's Cazorlas booty clap and curse words. That's it. LOL. To each their own, I'm a sucker for "reality" tv and I love Katie.
No, no, it’s not that I don’t like it. I’m a bit perplexed by Jersey Shore. I just don’t understand its purpose. My cousin says it’s not supposed to have one. Perhaps I should watch more tv.

I was reading about Katie after there was no initial response to my post and I thought, uhoh, maybe I’ve hit a nerve without realising it so I looked her up online. I read in one of her interviews she gave that she’s allowed to inspect nails but she’s not allowed to file, clip etc as she did not complete her course. She explained that she had found her premises by then and couldn’t pass it up. I never got the impression she was a practising nail tech, though, but that she was a salon owner. Why do you think others felt she was giving techs a bad name? After all, the premises looked clean, the staff relatively happy and the clientele are pouring in…and her pricelist isn't el cheapo. I don’t know if I could sustain her lifestyle though. She appeared to be on the go all the time. But wow, what a ball of energy!

And I have to ask because I’m intrigued: what’s ‘booty clap’? Big Grin
Reality shows are for $$ and that is more or no less. Even Judge Judy & all those other clowns only have cases that make $$ for viewership (good way not to have to pay a judgement if you lose though).
Let's address a booty clap first teehee. It's where you shake your bum up and down and the cheeks clap together. She did it for the rap star Too Short and his girlfriend while they were the only clients in the salon. It was funny.
I am sure the thread is around here somewhere, but techs were complaining that her language was foul ( all used away from clients) that we was to emotional and god forbid cried on camera because some one quit and she was under pressure ( all out side of the salon mind you ) and that the staff was to dramatic and danced while the salon was closed. Nothing has ever gone on in front of clients that shouldn't or that would be offensive to the client.
I honestly don't know why some act like she cannot behave like a human being vs wanting her to act like some CEO tightwad. No one want to watch that.
There were 2 lengthy threads made here all about what members thought of it. And most of them thought it was a piece of crap, showing nail salons in a bad light. I dont get it, your right, the place is cute, very clean, clean services, and fun workers. No some said her yelp reviews from clients were poor. Not all of them. But my theory on complaint reviews is this; if you have a great experience you tell a few friends, if you have a bad one, you tell everyone. So out of all the thousands of visits, a handful of clients didnt enjoy their visit. It happens. It doesn't make her unprofessional nor give us all a black cloud. LOL.
Oh, and the Jersey Shore. It has no point. None, nadda, zip. It's just junk, but I love it. And I love love Dance Moms too. Oh how I yell at that show. :lol:
Quote:Reality shows are for $$ and that is more or no less.

And I'd love a slice of the money that girl is making.

Aha. The booty clap. Like that thing Beyonce does. I get it. Not sure if I'd want to hear the sound it'd make though. Big Grin

We don't have Dance Moms. The most we get is X Factor - until someone told me it was 'serious tv, not reality tv'. Dear god..

Okay so now I can see why there have been few responses to Katie Cazorla. Personally, I'm taking notes. This woman has her own nail polish line, reality show, accessories line and she's making a motza. How can that be bad?
Exactly. And she is a comedian, so the day would be so much fun, a high energy boss who want to laugh? Ah, sounds like a dream to me haha.
I'm sure Peggy will disagree, but some of us were pretty offended at how unprofessonal Katie came across. There is enough bad media coverage about "nail factory" places, and the false reports of what our products and equipment supposedly do, we felt that it could have been a show about nails with the normal drama that comes about owning that alone w/o the potty mouth and crude behavior, but considering it is produced by producers of Jersey Shore, what would you expect? That being said, Katie doesn't have her own polish line, she apparently bought some rights to have her name put on Nubar polish line. I'm not sure about her lotions and scrubs, but I do know the polish line is Nubar's. Just my two cents worth.
I will disagre without a doubt and there is nothing unprofessional about cursing, crying, or joking around, behind closed doors, or in the company of similar personality. Nothing was shown that portrayed dirty work, poor quality service, making clients uncomfortable and so on. I just don't get what those against the show really want to see, that they can't look up online. Its tv for the public, and they don't want to see nail services being done step by step minute by minute show by show.
You're entitled to your opinion and I'm entitled to my opinion. That is what a public forum is about. However, if you check out the reviews on Yelp, others would disagree with you, but hey, that is their opinion too.
Hey I'm fine with offence Idonls as people see things in their own way.

However, my understanding from Noubar himself is that he is quote as saying he is in partnership with Carzola and the line is selling well, expecting to surpass $1million in sales.

So I'm not sure how much she invested but when the head of Nubar starts quoting lines like this then, to my mind, she has her own polish line. Just like Vicki Peters has her own Signature Series.

I thought the salon looked clean and glitzy and the menu appears to be reasonable - they use Kupa and other respectable products from what I can see. Or am I looking at the wrong one? What's Yelp?

Just relaying what the comments have been on yelp. I haven't been, there so I don't know. I just know I and others on here found her to be unprofessional in behavior. But like I said we are all entitled to our opinions.

I'm a little surprised though with gel polish being the newest and best thing in the last year that women are buying that much polish. Maybe that is Hollywood. It also helps that her boyfriend is a music producer/writer, knows a lot of people, who know a lot of people!!

You can buy polish from Nailite and put your label on it and call it your own. Whole lot cheaper than Nubar and great quality. Hmmmm, that's an idea!! :wink:
Quote:I haven't been, there so I don't know

Oh ok.
Toothypegs :
Quote:I haven't been, there so I don't know
> Oh ok.

I was referring to the cleanliness statement you made. Yelp is a website where people write reviews about a business. Feel free to check it out.
Not everyone on Yelp is there to give rave reviews, it happens to every busy place, you have people you don't please. That does not make her a bad reflection on our industry. Her reviews are nothing compared to those of other places where they hurt clients.
Cheryl, I don't need to be reminded that this forum is public and your entitled to your opinion too. I know that. I never said you shouldn't say what you like. You just happened to point out that I in particular will disagree and you were right. I still do. I guess we have different thoughts on what hurts the nails industry.
Unfortunately people are more apt to post negative comments than good. But even her comments back to customers were not very professional, especially on a public forum for all to see. The only reason I made reference to you Peggy was because you were the only one to respond to the topic.....;-) I feel both her and less than places show our industry in a bad light. I do feel Katie would be fun to go out and party with though. Wild and crazzzzy! So yes, we can agree to disagree on Katie's handling her business and antics in the salon. You can have fun and a good time w/o vulgarity.
I guess for me to see what your saying, I want you to point out when she was ever vulgar or inappropriate with her clients? And the booty clap doesn't count, as I don't think you see why doing that for a super star rap artist, alone, is not out of line. So aside from that, I guess I would want specifics that affect the mood, service, and quality of the clients visit.
I don't want to go on and on about yelp, but you hit it on the head. More people will be apt to complain on a review than will go out of their way to make a good review. So it's am unreliable source as far as I am concerned, since thousands have visited and a handful say they were unhappy. A hand full is hardly worth saying the salon is an unprofessional poo hole.
Thanks to both of you for your points of view.
I can see where you're both coming from.

Toothy, thank you for listening to our viewpoints! Sorry it went a little long.

Peggy, being professional isn't just about how you act around your clients. I didn't watch all her shows. because of her antics on the first couple, so I'm not sure how she acted around her clients on all the shows. I do feel that yelling, cussing, getting hysterical, etc that I saw on one of her shows is what I regard as being unprofessional. In reference to Yelp, her replies to some of the complaints was also unprofessional in how she replied back to them. And I'm sorry but just because a rapper comes in doesn't mean I will do a butt clap for them. So if an owner of a strip joint comes in should you do a strip tease for them?

And who said anything about a poo hole? Please don't put words in my mouth. I never said anything about her salon. As I stated I haven't been there to see it or make any comments about the conditions, just what I've read on yelp.

I've given my view point and that is it. I'm not sure why you think I'm the only one who thinks this way. A lot of other people voiced their opinions when this first came up. Not going to discuss this any further.
Being yourself on camera, and reacting to stress, and joy, or sorrow and anger are not signs of being unprofessional. If that's the case then your favorite Tabatha and her foul mouth name calling mud slinging rude self is as unprofessional as they get. And an owner of a strip club is no too short, you don't understand it and that's why it's good to stop this discussion. You want her to act like you, or what you want people to think of you. She is herself. A successful salon owner with celebrity clientel. Her own line, and looking to franchise. I don't see anyone else here doing that. I'm done now, it goes no where. Oh and if you wonder why I am addressing you? It's the same reason your addressing me, your the only one talking about it. I wasn't addressing you at all until you brought up my name specifically. I was being general about those who want something from this show that is completely unrealistic and fake. I wasn't saying, "Hey Cheryl is going to be way against this". But you happen to be such, and that is why you responded.
Quote:So if an owner of a strip joint comes in should you do a strip tease for them?

If I was auditioning, I would. Is that bad? Big Grin

Um ah, poo holes and butt clapping. We are really getting into it now!

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