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allergy to acrylic
For those who have an allergy, what do you use to protect your hands? Did you have to give up doing acrylic? I just aquired this allergy and looking for gloves, finger cots that will fit snug. Where do you purchase yours from?

~The true measure of a person is how they treat someone who can do them absolutely no good~
I have an allergy to certain kinds of acrylic monomer. I can't use the fast set liquids that have HEMA as an ingredient. Sad to say, Entity is the monomer I can't use. I used that for a long time before the problem I had. Hand and Nail Harmony also has HEMA as an ingredient.

I can, however, use Young Nails Speed powders as the fast set is in the powder and not the monomer. Maybe try that before you totally write off acrylic.

I'm allergic to gel, as well so I have to cover my hands when I use that. Luckily I only have one gel client. I use the blue or purple nitrile gloves I get at Wal-mart in the pharmacy section for about $10. They come in S,M or L so you can get a good fit. My only problem is that my hands get a bit sweaty when I have them on. One doctor wanted me to use a white cotton glove under them but that actually caused me to have a bacterial infection in the cracks of my hand (that's a long story) so it was definitely better to not wear them under the nitrile glove. If you do lots of acrylic, just be aware you might get a little sweaty.

The best thing to do is consult a dermatologist and see if you can pinpoint exactly what is your allergy, then go from there!

Good luck!
Thanks for the reply! I also use YN speed powders and the YN monomer. Which monomer do you use now? I will be checking those gloves out at wally world....amazing how the cracks just appear practically overnight...very painful. Right now my thumb is infected. So far my right hand is only being affected. Acrylic is about 40% of my business so i have to find something that works.

~The true measure of a person is how they treat someone who can do them absolutely no good~
I also am allergic to acrylic. The wave in this area is more natural nails and gels, so I have given up acrylic and working more with gels.

You can also use nitrile gloves, and that will protect you from the chemicals. Plus you are able to avoid having to worry about any latex allergies.
Harmonysky-Are you also effected by the ingredients of gel polishes or is it just the regular gel products?
Yep. gel polishes are no good for me. I just don't touch it. I'm careful with acrylic, too. Basically, I follow good overexposure prevention practices like we all should be doing.
I have developed a terrible allergy to the Gelish and Shellac and I can't even put the bottles away without protection or I'll break out. I've tried many different types of gloves, barrier creams, rubber thimbles, finger cots, band-aids, you name it and I tried it. Then one day I came across "Finger Gloves". They have saved my life!!! They are like finger cots but better. I didn't like gloves because I felt so restricted and I would get very sweaty. The Finger Gloves are reusable and can be used over and over again. They can hold up to acetone no problem and I only need to cover my three allergic fingers. You can cut them to your desired finger length and they just blend into your skin that you forget your wearing them. I tell my clients I practice "Safe Nails" ha ha

They have truly saved my life!!! Kelly*
Kelly, I had come across one of your posts talking about finger gloves when i did a search on here a few days ago....and ordered some! Soooo good to know that they hold up to acetone...i was wondering that and took a chance in ordering them anyway. Thank you! Cant wait to try them out!

~The true measure of a person is how they treat someone who can do them absolutely no good~
I get nitrile gloves from wal-mart. $9.99 box of 100.
I don't do nails but I am a hair stylist with horrible allergies to ammonia. My derm suggested coating my hands and arms in Zinc ointment before I apply product just incase I would come in contact with an area that wasn't protected by gloves. It works great. Zinc is the main ingredient in Desetin diaper rash ointment. You can buy just plain Zinc ointment in the pharmacy it is clear and rubs in really well.
Good luck.
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