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Simple Hand Painted Halloween Nailart.
I did these with paint pens and nail polish. Just wanted to show something a little simple, a little silly cute, and that shows off shorter nails.

[Image: halloween2011-1-1.jpg]
Your little Frankenstein is darling!!!
Big Grin thanks guys.
Beautiful!!! But not simple for me - I bet you can do this with your eyes closed. I would be stressing over all those tiny lines. I *might* be able to manage the pinky :wink:
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
The look Great, very creative & festive!! I bet they are getting a whole lot of attention. Smile
Light Elegance Educator
Don't underestimate yourself. The paint pen I have is cool. You pull the cap off for a tiny pen and squeeze as needed. And them if you unscrew the cap instead you pull out a thin striping brush. Makes those thin and tiny lines simpler. I probably could do it in my sleep. Big Grin Oh and for the eyes just use the end of a paint brush and swirl to get the larger size. Dot for the smaller.
Those are all too cute! May I use a couple for ideas? I especially like your Frankie and the spider......
Absolutely Donna, I was going to do a tutorial on them but I got a little to far in for the steps to be seen. Have fun!
Beautiful! I love them! Thanks for sharing.
Oh Peggy I wish you would do a tutorial!! I have those same paint pens, and believe me, there is no way I could paint like you do!!

I could attempt to do frankie, but I would love to know how you did the spider and web. And I LOVE the tree!!!
I second the tutorial Smile
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
I third the tutorial !!! Also would like to know what the brand of the paint pens are!! Thanks Big Grin
I took off all the art but the monster, and polished all my nails that zoya apple shimmer green, ( I have to get off my but to see the name ) and will be putting different monster faces on the rest.
Before I do that I will get the camera and redo the spider with pics, then a tutorial on a different monster.
I am hoping to go to the zoo today but it's kinda windy so we shall see. That could mean the tutorial will be up earlier than later today. Big Grin
Those are so cute! Did you call that easy? Lol, my nail art is really lacking, I wish I could find some good instruction for designs, I love theseSmile
They are awesome Peggy!!! (but where's the mummy?) LOL ...for real though, I love them all!
I was thinking of starting my own nail care themed YouTube channel and getting some of the tutorials via video walkthrough. Even if I don't I will get a mummy done just for you Colleen. It's gonna be perfect tomorrow, cold and rainy, so I have plenty of time to do one. I already took all my art off, and I have shellac romantique on wish is the perfect base color for a silly eyed mummy. A girl and boy. haha.
The tutorials for the spider and monster are up. They reside in a new spot Big Grin
I was looking on YouTube the other day and wondered if you had tutorials. If you decide to make some please let me know.
I would like all advice with being a nail technician
Great love them
Those are so awesome....m they make me want to start doing nail art! Very excited to check out the tutorials.
OMG those are sooo cute... Love them... =]]
Thank you guys! I would still love to see pics if you try the tutorial or if you just use it as inspiration. Big Grin
I will be adding the tree and a vampire to the new 3 eyes monster tutorial so they can be moved to the gallery section of BT. When I create a more advanced piece I will show them in a separate thread as they will be a more lengthy step by step. Thank you guys for all the continued interest in the silly pieces.

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