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Business Building Specials
I have been doing nails for almost 20 years. And I have never been this slow. I can barely make my rent some weeks. I have ran specials and deals. Handed out my cards and put up flyers. I'm out of ideas. What have worked for you? I do everythiing out there that a nail tech can do. I'm not ready to give up but hubby is stressing me out.

Any ideas will do.

Marie Soto
Marie A. Soto
[email protected]
mas nails
Sounds like my life. I have been doing nails for about 37 yrs. I too am slow. I have tried all the same specials. My biggest problem is that I need ppl to know what I do. I'm in a area that there are a lot of nss places and trying to get women to understand what they are getting into just drives me crazy. Have you put a web page on facebook or sign up on some of the free web sites? I have ppl call me ever since I signed up on CND for Shellac. Beauty tech also has a page to put your shop on. Just talk to everyone you can and keeping talking. Hope that helps a little. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one.
I have a fb page. I post pictures as often as I can. I too am in a great area and I hand out things all the time. It seems to me that in my state or area, ppl want to just walk in and don't care about what they are getting. It drives me crazy. I'm not giving up just looking to see what everyone else is doing to be so busy.
Marie A. Soto
[email protected]
You should maybe try contacting living social or groupon. It will help give you the visibility and hopefully new clients. Good luck!
I've been doing nails for 22 years now. And things have most certainly changed with regards to clients, their needs and their wants over the years. Yes, many of them are going to the NSS places. But many of these clients going to the NSS places are unaware of the dangers or just don't care.

I took several years off from the industry and just got back into it last year opening a new salon in an area where I did not know very many people (not in the area I grew up in, not even in the same state). There are nothing but these types of salons in my area so I've had my work cut out for me. But here are a few things I've learned along the way....

1. Clients are not all happy with the NSS options they have available and are wanting more than what these places can offer. I am doing my best to fill the gap and provide public education.

2. All the "negative" publicity the press is giving our industry is not entirely a bad thing for us. The general public is becoming more aware of the health issues in salons today. Granted, a lot of the information in the press is not based on fact. But that's where we come in, as the professionals in the industry. Be armed and ready to answer questions when clients ask about these issues. Be ready to provide as much information as you possibly can. You WILL win them over just by having answers for them.

3. I have a 99% score for my salon - there are NO 100% in the town I am in. And I am the ONLY nail salon that has this high of a score. Believe me, I use this to my advantage. People do want to know that they are getting safe services.

4. Clients are craving more than just the run of the mill gel or acrylic nails. I have relatively few enhancement clients. Most of our clients are natural nail clients. And no, I do not offer any of the gel polish products/services in my salon (that's a whole other issue for me that I won't address here). People are wanting to have their own nails. They are wanting more natural nail services. They are also asking for more than JUST nails....more than just a basic mani and pedi. We offer a variety of types of manis and pedis as well as reflexology. We also have a variety of "events" in our salon giving clients opportunity to visit, ask questions, sample other products and/or services, get to know the staff.

5. Clients today are more educated about their nails and the services available than they've ever been. With all the information available on the internet they have access to nearly everything about our industry. So we need to stay on top of our game by keeping up with our continued education, revamping our service menu from time to time, and knowing what our market area is demanding.

Here are some of the things my salon does to keep up with the times....
* Participate in every event/festival there is in the area and be ready with literature and ready to talk to people and educate them on the procedures of our salon, the sanitation of our salon and what makes our salon different from all the rest in the area. Don't necessarily just look at how many new clients you get from these types of events....look at the exposure you are getting, the seeds you are planting, the public educating you are doing. We are still getting calls from festivals we participated in last year.

*Offer new services frequently & offering different monthly specials so clients (old and new) can have an opportunity to try something they would not normally try.

*Educate our clients while they are in our chair by explaining what we do and why.

*Found our niche - what sets us apart from the rest of the salons and market the crap out of it. I think this is key.

*We have built a brand/image for our salon. People recognize our logo when I give them my card. People recognize our name because we keep ourselves out there and have stood by our principals and products and services.

*We go that extra mile for our clients. Our clients are pampered in our salon like no other salon around.

*We know our competition, their prices, their services, their products, etc. It gives us the edge when it comes to product/service development.

*We are staying on top of the latest in marketing and advertising so that we maximize the number of potential clients we reach.

*We have a website and utilize it to advertise our services and products and prices. But it's more than just that, it is our place to educate our clients about who we are and what we are about. It is easy to navigate and full of information for the perspective client. Most of our new clients find us via word of mouth or by googling salons or services in our area. And most of the ones that visit our site choose our salon because of all the information we put out there about our salon and services (not just prices). People do their homework these days before choosing a salon. They want to know that the service provider they choose is knowledgeable in his/her field.

*WE choose who our clients if a client is a client in our salon it is because we WANT them there. This makes not only for a happy place for us to work but a much friendlier and happier and more relaxing environment for our clients. We are a no drama zone! :-)

Bottom line, yes, it can take a little longer and a LOT more hard work these days to build your book than it did in years past. But rather than focus on the NSS in your area and giving them more credit than they deserve (as in having all the clients) why not focus on your own business, your own products, your own services and do what you know best.....NAILS!!! Excel in every aspect of your business by taking a very honest look at what you are providing and figure out where you can improve and then just DO IT!!

Anyway, I do hope someone gets something positive from my post. These are just my opinions based on my experience. Take it or leave it.
Melodie Hand
Clayton/Raleigh, NC

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