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Newbie in Finland
I'm 27, married, have a dog (no children, at least not yet) and I am a pole dance instructor by trade. I used to love polishing my nails, but my nails are very brittle. If I care for them meticulously they grow long, but as soon as I start polishing no matter how gentle my nails chip.

A few years ago I got gel nails and polished on top of those and I loved it! Then my back then hobby of pole dancing turned pro (I opened a studio and started instructing) and I found myself lifting heavy equipment, disinfecting poles and all in all chipping a nail or three, often painfully, during the week. The gels were laid thicker but beginning in a new business the fill-ins and repairs soon got out of my budget. I was so sad to remove them.

Fast forward three years, the studio is running smoothly and I'm looking at my poor unpolished nails with disgust. A few friends ordered gel supplies online and did their own nails and I thought I'd give it a try myself.

Now I'm probably spending more on nails than I ever would have had I just gone to a salon for my nails :oops: I love learning to sculpt, decorate and paint! Despite doing my own nails every two weeks or even weekly I often have more ideas and more work to practice on than what I can implement on myself, so I work on my designs on nail tips and I do the nails for a few friends / acquaintances.

There is no official licensing in Finland, I wish there were! I am currently wading through an endless jungle of different education and courses for nail art and sculpting. I am entertaining the thought of doing nails daytime and instructing in the evenings. I only use a cheap efile on myself, everything I use on friends is single use and disposable. I am wondering if I should take the plunge and get educated or continue as a hobby as I am now.

I love reading and learning about nails, just not sure if I want to get into the whole business and competition thing :lol: I do seem to have a track record for messing up my hobbies by making them my job...

Here's a few of mine:

[Image: b04.jpg] [Image: b12.jpg] [Image: b11.jpg] [Image: b05.jpg]
Iina (that's a double 'i')
Health & beauty, fitness and nails!

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