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Average time for GP
I feel so pokey ,and was wondering what the average time you all book for a gel polish manicure that includes soak off time ,trim ,cuticle work ,and hand massage ,which is what I include for a full GP service...I know application only W/O soak off is faster ,but most of my ladies need soak off...a girl I work with only books a half hour which she says includes soak ,full mani ,and reapplication. I think I am fast when I do it in an hour ,or 45...Just wondering how slow I am in comparison to others so I can figure out whether I need to speed up a lot ,or keep it at an hour....
Anyone have anything they can add ? Just looking for different perspectives to help ease my anixiety about being an old crappy slow nail tech ? Lol...
I am about the same as you 45 min-1h. I book for an hour and that leaves time to clean up. I can't imagine getting down to 30 min.
(07-28-2014, 12:59 PM)jimsjadab Wrote: I am about the same as you 45 min-1h. I book for an hour and that leaves time to clean up. I can't imagine getting down to 30 min.

Thank you ! Have been racking my brains about it ! I give a full non rushed ,long lasting service ,and ,like you ,don't know how to cut my time down to makebit any faster...your method ,I tried it ,and it works great ,btw...Smile
I buff off the top coat of the gel before soaking my clients hands. It cuts down the time of the soak off. Make sure your clients hands are all the way in the dryer to ensure full curing of all nails. The only other way to cut down the time of a gel service is to invest in an LED light rather than using a UV light.
I am a perfectionist and I take an hour and fifteen minutes. And I am a talker so that doesn't help. If I can focus without talking and not be distracted by all the busy traffic in the salon I could be done a lot sooner. But I work out on the hairdressing floor and most clients are friendly and want to talk and it's hard to not talk back. I have a little timer I wear that I programmed to vibrate every 15 minutes. That has helped me focus better and remind me that this is a client and not a social visit. Sometimes I don't notice the vibrating and the only thing that would help is a Taser.
We schedule an hour for a gel polish mani plus an extra 15 min if they need to soak off. We use LED lights, we just don't like to rush Smile

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