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If you use (or used) Christrio gel....
I'm told their lamp has one bulb... I use a standard four bulb (9 watt) lamp, Light Elegance (love it, great side cure... easy for clients to not hit sides and bulbs... longevity ;-) )

they said to "play around" with the cure time
I understand, can't guarantee every lamp and every bulb will see the same results... but....

What have you found? I really don't like to "play around"... you can't tell if you didn't get the cure time right or if the product is not what you'd hoped...

Those who use it and have good results... what lamp and how much time
and if any have used it and were not impressed, let me know too... haven't ordered it yet...
I use Christrio with a 36watt Starpro lamp 2 minutes.
Christrio has instructions- ??
(04-30-2014, 06:24 PM)[email protected] Wrote: I use Christrio with a 36watt Starpro lamp 2 minutes.
Christrio has instructions- ??

yes, but for their lamp... one bulb.... five minutes...
thank you, nice to hear a 2 in cure will work

I watched the videos - I don't recall it being that long & when I was with them at IBS it def wasn't that long in their 9watt lamp....
Have you watched the YouTube tutorials- they are very informative.
I had not noticed they had some, will go look, thank you
There's a YouTube Chanel & there's a lot to watch!

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