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light elegance users
Hi - I have samples from LE - the Mani-cure gel (soak off clear), soft pink extreme, cool gel, cosmetic builder, perfect white, bonder, a few glitter gels, and a soak off gel polish sample, and their acrylic. I didn't get the one step gel or super shiny samples though they look good!

I have used the extreme & glitters-I like it a lot! The Mani-cure gel I just used on someone Saturday. The glitter gels are awesome.

Any feedback on LE or TIPS / TRICKS always welcomed!! Any preferences on which gels are best- Extreme, One step, Cool, Builder?

I use 1-Step Pink and Clear, French White, Natural Tip and Super Shiny, and a large assortment of gel polish/glitter gels.
Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. (yes, it's real)
Thanks Jamie! Will you b @ IBS again?
When I do rock star toes, I use the manicure gel instead of the one-step gel as the manicure gel is more flexible and works better on the toes per LE educator Pina More. For fingers I use the one-step gel.

Bowie, MD
Thanks Chrissy!  I'm trying to work with Pina to do a LE training!

(10-22-2013, 06:53 PM)[email protected] Wrote: Thanks Jamie! Will you b @ IBS again?

Yes, that's the plan!
Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. (yes, it's real)
I use mani-cure as the base for some clients with thin nails, cuts down on separation at edges.
I like 1-step a lot, it is more self leveling than many gels I have used.
wears well as a top coat too.
I like the Perfect white a lot, it covers well, though I usually apply it with two thin coats.

The Mani-cure gel -- is soak off- I used that on a friend- says no bonder used with it- but they popped off 3 days later????
I haven't tried it on its own... I used Nu-Bond, one coat of Mani-cure then 1-step... then more 1-step if needed or pink/white gel etc.

Did it take you a long time to get the samples? I requested samples weeks ago and still havent received them.
It took me requesting 2 x's actually if I recall. Did you get a response at all?
I got a response the first time and she said she would send them but still nothin.
I would reply & let them know- they seem very helpful!
Ok thanks
(10-27-2013, 10:22 PM)[email protected] Wrote: The Mani-cure gel -- is soak off- I used that on a friend- says no bonder used with it- but they popped off 3 days later????

The Manicure gel is not a soak off and you Do need to prep the nails and use a bonding agent like Airbond or Bonder with it.
Our soak-off line is P+ and requires Minimal prep work for beautiful adhesion.
To answer your original question, My Go-To, must have, cannot function without products would be Airbond, Baby Pink Extreme, Perfect White, Super Shiny, Gel paints and All of the Glitter gels. The wipes and cleanser are must-haves as well! Smile

Light Elegance Educator
I thought online I read that Mani-cure was soak off ? I can't wait to have a class with Pina - and learn more! Lol
Thank u!!!

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