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uv bulbs
Anyone know how to tell if uv bulbs are still good?
If the ends of the bulbs look dark at all, even a little gray in color, they should be replaced.
Robin Stopper Renner
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(08-04-2013, 10:30 PM)mtkllygrl Wrote: Anyone know how to tell if uv bulbs are still good?

What lamp do you use? Some lamps have a built in timer to tell you when you need to replace them.
If you are experiencing any service breakdown, it could be a curing issue.
Just because the bulbs light up doesn't necessarily mean they are emitting enough UV to fully cure your product.
there actually is a meter that can be used to test them, I keep meaning to look into those one day, maybe going partners with coworkers if pricey

worked for a product company years ago, we used to test the bulbs and found, that like home bulbs, they don't always last the same time, some go out earlier and some last longer

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