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Nail Pics
Hello everyone Smile

Just wanted to share some of my newer work.

[Image: nikki2toneII_zps41dc10fa.jpg]
[Image: ericateal_zps7a017eaf.jpg]
[Image: PWshort_zps66fb4e54.jpg]
[Image: LisaGradience_zps58e8241b.jpg]
[Image: Jenscrolls_zps7602662a.jpg]
[Image: TinaAlmond_zps2fcf7dd2.jpg]
very cool!
the best things in life, aren't things ...
OMG...I love the first one! did you do that with gel? please explain....
those are wonderful
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Very nice!
(05-09-2013, 08:10 PM)sueefd Wrote: OMG...I love the first one! did you do that with gel? please explain....

Thanks, yes the first set is hard gel with gel polish. I did a reverse smile with cover pink, then I faded the pink into the orange. Then covered in clear builder gel.
I love that color combination, orange and pink, love the others also.
Is that the Hard gel by harmony
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I love your work Jesse!! These nails are amazing!!!

I took a class with Simmy Bredal-Bell a couple of weeks ago and she gave me your name and info as I had some Gelish troubleshooting questions....I'll connect with you via email before the week is out.

Bowie, MD
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Very nice. I like how you try to make them look as natural as possible and the length. Are gels more popular than acrylics? Why would someone want acrylic over gels if it is pink and white? What's the difference between acrylics and gels?

Thank you!

Nails4ever - It's important to be proficient in all systems in my opinion. I choose the material based on the natural nail and client's lifestyle. Gel is a pre-mixed acrylic product. All nail products (except regular polish) are forms of acrylic.

Only the first set here is hard gel. The other three sets of extensions are liquid and powder (acrylic)

Barb- Yes, this is Gelish Hard Gel.

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