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Masques before or after scrub?
It seems that after a scrub, a masque would not actually penetrate or cleanse the skin, as the oil from the masque would be on the leg. Also, doing the masque prior to the scrub would help soften the skin and make it more open to being scrubbed.
That said - I always see the scrub happen after the scrub, every where I go.

What's your preference or thoughts?
Masque after scrub because the skin is exfoliated and it can penetrate better and moisturize. The soak should soften the skin. Doing it before the skin is exfoliated the masque will only soak into the skin you're about to remove. If you are worried about the oil from the scrub creating a barrier you can get a washcloth to help rinse the scrub, but I feel like because usually the foot is sitting in the water after you scrub while you are scrubbing the other foot it is mostly washed away.
jimsjadab - You put the feet back in the water after the scrub? Just wondering if I'm understanding that right.

I do the mask after the scrub, as jimsjadab said, no point in moisturizing skin that you're going to remove. The skin would be plenty softened up without the mask, depending on your products used and steps in your service.

Overall for softening & exfoliating this is what I do for my spa pedicure that includes scrub & mask: (though there's probably 100 ways you could choose from and still be correct Smile ).

1) Spray feet with Footlogix callus off - let sit for a few minutes while I'm getting the water for foot soak (I use a Footsie Bath) and heating the neck wrap - I didn't used to do the spray at this point, but found for problem feet it really helps get those feet smooth to do a double dose.

2) Soak 12 minutes

3) Spray again with callus off, do cuticle work while that's penetrating, then do callus smoothing, rinse dead skin with moist towels from the towel warmer. It this point their feet are pretty smooth and moisturized just from the products and exfoliation.

4) sugar scrub - I use a spray bottle to add a little moisture - put a hot moist towel on each foot and use it to remove the scrub

5) apply mask, plastic liner & into heated booties

6) massage

While the scrubs do put down a nice barrier on the skin, I think that using heat with the mask really helps to push the moisture down into the dermis, but it really would depend on the lotion/mask that you are using. One thing to note about Footlogix Callus off is that it has a very small molecule size for really good penetration, and it will continue to soften and exfoliate the feet for 24+ hours after application! My clients have told me that they will see more exfoliation occur when they're drying their feet after a bath/shower after getting a pedicure.
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Candice...... Where do you get your neck wraps? Sanitizing ? Do you have any suggestions for giving clients when they follow you to a new salon--like an appreciation? I figured if I gave them $5 that would amount to a lot $$... Thanks .........
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I bought my neck wraps in bulk, as they are a retail item I carry in my studio - I think you have to buy 10 minimum. I haven't determined what I'm going to do for my clients for the move, but I don't consider $5 to be too much to give if you look at the big picture. I know that a client is worth $600-2,500/year to my business depending on the service(s) and their retail habits, so I always keep that in mind when looking at incentives. That said, I don't like to give discounts, so I will likely be offering some sort of service bump or gift item vs a dollars' off. Plus, I probably won't tell them in advance, I'll just give it to them when they come in. Think reward, not bribe. Smile
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I had to look it up...
Artist Name: Lisa Koziol
Company: Deep Breath Designs, Llc
Phone: 520-616-0235

I think she has a $125 minimum order, I paid $13 (wholesale) each. The wraps are handmade and use organic fillings inside and are a variety of batik fabrics. These are handmade in the US and they do retail well.
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(03-07-2013, 05:05 PM)CandiceAE Wrote: jimsjadab - You put the feet back in the water after the scrub? Just wondering if I'm understanding that right.

Yes, after I scrub I put the foot in the water rinse it and leave it in there while I work on the other foot.
(03-09-2013, 10:46 AM)jimsjadab Wrote:
(03-07-2013, 05:05 PM)CandiceAE Wrote: jimsjadab - You put the feet back in the water after the scrub? Just wondering if I'm understanding that right.

Yes, after I scrub I put the foot in the water rinse it and leave it in there while I work on the other foot.

Ok, thanks. I just always figured that any dirt that was on their feet when they came in is in that water after the initial soak, so I use hot moist towels to rinse rather than putting their feet back in that water. It probably doesn't make too big of a difference, it's just a mental thing for me I guess!
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The 5 Best Coconut Oil Face Masks And Scrubs Ever in the city. A suggestion would be to write and introduction before you start the list. I personally would be interested in shower filters, Sign in or sign up and post using a beautytech site.
Candice~I see that you spray the foot before soaking, are you using a foot file before soaking too? I have found that it is helpful to do some 'dry filing' with the callus spray before soaking on the really dry feet too. I usually clean to foot with alcohol first if I am not soaking beforehand.
Plumgirl~I am with everyone else, masque after scrub, no point in moisturizing skin you're sloughing off. Smile
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