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Chocolate Pedicures..Product suggestions
I am looking for a good chocolate scent for mani/pedicures, what have you used and loved?
Keyano has great chocolate products. You can call them and request a sample.

(01-19-2013, 06:02 PM)lovethosetoes Wrote: Keyano has great chocolate products. You can call them and request a sample.


Thank you
Me too....
someone had a chocolate lotion some years ago, the scent was not great... I've searched for a fragrance that really smells like chocolate... it must be a tough one, most don't really... like the coffee fragrances... usually, not like coffee
on the other hand, I have a great bubble gun and cucumber ;-)

though, I prefer true essential oils, the fragrances are fun
I make my own chocolate supplies. I use a vanilla lotion or grapeseed oil for the massage. My soak is powder milk with cocoa added, the scrub is raw sugar, grapeseed oil and cocoa, the mask is peanut butter and grapeseed oil. I actually call it a Peanut Butter Cup pedi. Experiment with can come up with a bunch of things.
Always be get farther.

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