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Crystal Nails Info
Can anyone shed some light on this company for me? Do they formulate their own products? Do they have their own chemist? I've been hearing a little about them on the UK boards but not a lot. I'm just curious because they have so many nice glitter gels and the price is not too bad.

I emailed them and they said they don't send free samples but if I was to place an order, they would send some new stuff to try. =/
(12-12-2012, 10:46 PM)Melissa82 Wrote: I emailed them and they said they don't send free samples but if I was to place an order, they would send some new stuff to try. =/

LOL! I hate that. I will pay S/h for a test amount but I sure ass hell don't want to buy a whole kit to find out I hate the product!
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I know, right? And they just started distributing to the USA. You'd think if they really wanted their brand out there, they'd be a little better about samples. I'm a student and I can't afford to buy every brand out there just to try it and see how it works for me. Oh well. Maybe I'll buy something from them later...
They don't really have any information about there product or company on the website... They do have a lot of really nice things though and makes me want to try and buy the Kits.
Just a thought... since you are still in the process of learning to do nails, I highly recommend picking a line (or two tops) that is well represented in the US so that you can get help with troubleshooting from the manufacturer as you learn and have questions. Just starting out, if you get 12 sample kits from different companies, and they are only small quantities, you won't get enough of any one line to really get the feel, then you'll move to the next line and have to figure out how that one works... and so on. It's hard enough to learn to do acrylics and gels without confusing the issue by working with too wide a variety of ratio and consistency requirements. Just an opinion.
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This is very true. I just don't know which one to start with. I have axxium hard gel in my kit (which I haven't used), nailite stylus and soak off, light Elegance at school (with no one that has used it before) along with IBD hard gel and a sample kit from YN.
That sounds like quite a variety - I think they're probably all decent lines (I don't know personally), so maybe just dive in Smile
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