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NW Networking for NailTechs
Its My Birthday! 
I know there used to be a NW Networking Retreat for Nail Techs but I cant seem to find it anymore. I would love to attend one so that I may try to hold one in Long Beach, WA area for those of us out on the coastline.
Does anyone know what happen to the NW Networking Retreat? Or any networking Events in the Washington/Oregon region for NailTechs or Esties?

I helped with one for three years. Some others took over doing a NW one and had it as a retreat up north by Seattle. Kristen Dutcher is now doing one down in the Willamette Valley area. I think the retreat one has been changed to every other year.

(10-21-2012, 12:06 AM)hangtensalon Wrote: I know there used to be a NW Networking Retreat for Nail Techs but I cant seem to find it anymore. I would love to attend one so that I may try to hold one in Long Beach, WA area for those of us out on the coastline.
Does anyone know what happen to the NW Networking Retreat? Or any networking Events in the Washington/Oregon region for NailTechs or Esties?


Mahalo for the info. how hard is it to put one together? what is involved at the networking event. how do u gauge the number of attendees? any information would be greatly appreciated.

I would luv to attend the retreat but i have students who couldnt go that far, let-alone pay that kind of money.

I think the Willamette Valley one was the same weekend as the Bellevue show this year. I had a few students attend that one cause they didnt wanna drive to Bellevue.

I'm in Olympia and was looking for some continuing education courses near here or the Seattle area. I'd say maybe 3 hours away max? The retreat is just too far away calender wise for me.

The next retreat is in October
To me they started it, Blew up and you don't see them no more, are hear from them not on here. I wanted to go to them but the cost of flight, room and the cost of the event, was alot. I remember years ago it didn't cost that much the first two years when it started, but after that it was high if u didn't live close u were spending about 800.00 to 1000.00. So me an a couple of girls just order nail video's from all over the world. got a hotel suite and stay 2 days with all or products an played u here me We had a ball. Kept calling a Tammy Taylor's rep all night long and she helped to. This is my opinion about the crew that started it
I know that the cost of attending any trade shows or other networking events can be high and hard to come up with the money for plane tickets/food/cost of classes, etc. especially when you have to travel so far to get to something. I do my best to make it to one major event per year, more if I can find something close to home which doesn't happen. I will say that I live in Kansas and I have traveled to the northwest retreat the last two years. It was worth every penny I spent. Yes, it cost me more since I had to fly in and last year, I left the day before and had the added expense of one night in a hotel, but nowhere else can you get food, lodging, nonstop education from top industry educators for $100/day. This retreat is well worth every bit of money spent! Get there if you can. I promise you won't be disappointed. I cannot say enough good about it. The views are beyond spectacular, the food is great, the education is top notch, the games for prizes are hilarious (those of us who have been before know what I am talking about) and the friendships you build with other nail techs from all over is incredible-lifelong! It is a place to relax, learn and enjoy the company of other techs and you don't have to get all dressed up. Jeans, sweats, makeup, no makeup, whatever goes. Enough of me going on and on. This Kansas girl will not miss this retreat for anything! Start saving now.... Hope that helps some. I do understand that it is disappointing to wait a whole year to go, I really missed there not being a retreat this year, but I am hoping for the year to fly by. Wink
Hangtensalon, I just reread your post about your students. I don't know exactly how far you are from the Seattle area, but there have been students from a school that have attended both years that I have been to the retreat. I know that they did fundraisers to help offset the cost of the retreat. Just a thought.
when is this I can do the one your talking about (Imppj)
Powermoves, if you go to, you will find all the info you need. It is a 4 day retreat and I know that early registration should be starting soon, so you may need to check back. If you register early, it ends up being less than $100/day, so under $400 for the 4 days. The retreat isn't until October 18-21, 2013 so there is plenty of time to be saving our pennies. I am going to start a $5 jar and put every $5 bill I get into this jar to save up. There will be lots of shopping to do while there too, and we all love nail goodies! OH!! FYI-the goodie bags we've received in the past have been valued at more than the retreat costs us to attend.
This is all great information and feedback! mahalo to all for your input.
Imppj: love the $5 jar fundraiser...gonna have to start one cause I really want to attend the NW Retreat
Aloha ya'll
Aloha to you BJ! The Retreat is a wonderful event and one of a kind. Most of the attendees affectionately call it "nail camp" and have made life long friendships at the event. 25% of those attending fly in for the event from all over the country. This year we have added some things so we are excited about that.

The two of us that run the Retreat have been involved with the NW Nailtech Event since 2006 and decided that we needed something different about 3 years ago. While people would travel to the event, some would spend hundreds on the hotel costs that they wouldn't eat dinner since they didn't budget for it. We knew there needed to be a change, where everyone coming would be in the same place, with no worries about their lodging or their meals. We have a team of cooks, we stay in cabins with new friends and old friends, and there are nails and fun 24 hours a day for 4 days. No one has to drive anywhere once they are there. No one has to worry about tips, or check out times and expensive hotels.

We did take a break this year to make it easier for the new networking event to take place in Oregon and we encouraged nw nailtechs from the retreat to attend that one. We had such a response of people truly missing the Retreat this year, we will probably not skip it again.

As far as the work that it takes to put it on.... its December and our event is next October and I'm busy as a bee. Its a lot of work and absolutely 100% volunteer, in fact many of the educators come unpaid. We do it because we love nails, nail techs and the retreat is a blast.
Jessica Hoel
Nail Professional
Akzentz Distributor & Educator
Hello All

I come from Canada for any events in the NW. Unfortunately Vancouver does not have a lot of classes or anything around. But I went to the NW Nailtech Retreat last year (2011) and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Never had so much fun. Learned more in 4 days bout various products and techniques than I had in my entire schooling and any previous experience. The raffles were fun and games a hoot. and the friendships are truly one of a kind. I am still in contact and see them whenever i get the chance. I have already signed up for next year and suggest anyone who has a chance to go... just DO IT!! Smile its worth every penny!! (Just as a note aside. I even planned my wedding around it so i could still go lol fiance doesnt know that tho- just works out that way lol)
Wow! That looks like a blast. Is anyone else going? I am really tempted. I have always said I wish there was summer camp for adults and here it is, and for nails even!
Its on! I cant wait! Such an amazing event. Education, Friends, Nails galore!!! Fun and relaxation. The place is beautiful. I ready missed is last time but going this year!
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