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China Glaze polishes? Trying them out
I have read on here that many of you like China Glaze polishes.
This is what i love about this message board!
I ran to Sally's and with our discount they are $3.75. That is cheaper than Essie and OPI. If things work out I will buy more.
They have beautiful vibrant colors. I just hope they hold up.
I bought just 5 to try them out.
I love the brush on OPI but the polish getstoo thick too quickly. I don't like the brush on Essie but since it is a professional brand I buy it. Not sure how clients will feel when they see China Glaze.
Thanks for the advice!!!!
China Glaze is a wonderful polish. I have used it for several years. Ihave found that it works best with the same brand or Seche base and top coats. Some of the colors may not seem as they should with one coat but when you add the second they pop. They last longer too.
Always be get farther.
Thanks! The colors seem so bright and cheerful! Can't wait to try them tomorrow.
I primarily use Zoya polish (Zoya is an amazing company all together), but I have the China Glaze Magnetix collections and they are awesome. You know how sometimes a brand will come out with a specially formulated line and the polish just doesn't hold up as well (neon colors, OPI's "suede", matte polishes)? Well, that's not the case with Magnetix! The lasting power is great.
I really like China Glaze. One I like the brush, two drying time is good. With Seche top coat I feel like nails are dry through quicker than others. I also like that you can't find it everywhere (i.e. drugstores). They also have great color choices and continue to put out nice collections.
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Glad ya like them hun. China Glaze is the bomb. Been using it for years. I like them better than OPI, get more out of the bottle before they get thick and the price is right. The only draw back is they don't keep their collection colors. I use Out the Door topcoat and the colors stays on great on artificial nails. None of my clients complained when I switched from OPI.
The China Glaze show deals are great (6 for $15); otherwis, you cane try Head2Toe Beauty:
Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. (yes, it's real)
Thanks for the site. They are cheaper than sally's but i have no idea how much shipping is. Sometimes Sally's beauty has sales and they can be buy one get one.
(10-07-2012, 06:16 AM)PrecisionNails Wrote: The China Glaze show deals are great (6 for $15); otherwis, you cane try Head2Toe Beauty:

That's where I get my China Glaze. Shipping is not expensive. I think it was around $8 but i buyt over $50 of product.

(10-07-2012, 01:05 PM)Melissa82 Wrote:
(10-07-2012, 06:16 AM)PrecisionNails Wrote: The China Glaze show deals are great (6 for $15); otherwis, you cane try Head2Toe Beauty:

That's where I get my China Glaze. Shipping is not expensive. I think it was around $8 but i buyt over $50 of product.

Heard they were going up in Nov or Dec. I have used them for years! Love the product have just about every color there is. Even retired colors. You wont go wrong. Fav color combination is Blonde Bombshell then top off with a thin layer of Paint the town red. I use CND's stickey and Seche top coat.
I prefer China Glaze over OPI and Zoya. The polish stays thin and easy to use down to the last drop... doesn't thicken like opi. Hope you have as much luck with it as I have.
Terri Lancaster
Nails By Design

I also love China Glaze and find that it actually wears a bit longer than OPI on natural nails. You can't beat the price and they do have some great colors.
I live and breath by China Glaze and use it exclusively now. The formula can vary from color to color (some are "wetter" than others). Love the brush: not wimpy, too wide or too narrow and fans out the way I like. Color is also consistent, meaning if I buy a bottle of certain color today and buy the same color a year from now, it's the same. I also like that I've only seen it rarely in mass market stores, and even then it's not a lot of choices.
The only thing I haven't been too happy with over the past couple years is that the spring & summer collections have been darn near the same. Only a few colors seemed really original. I like their Fall and Winter collections better.
Jeanne - New You Nail Gallery
Detroit, MI

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I like China Glaze also. The colors are perfect!
Ms. Perfectionist
Licensed Nail Specialist progress.
Allure Nail Supply has a tonne of China Glaze on clearance for $1.95 right now.

And OPI polish too for $2.00.
I just went onto the site and i cannot sign up.
I tried over and over again. When i click on sign up it doesn't do anything.
Would someone mind trying?
I cannot believe how cheap the polishes are but wonder how much shipping is.
Thanks for the info!
I just signed up and it worked for me.
Thanks so much! It worked
. Unfortunately the shipping is $8.95 with a $50 min. order. Why oh why can't companies use the $5 flat rate box????
Some items weigh a few ounces!

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