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IBS Las Vegas
I know it's pretty early but considering going to it this year and wondering if I can get some info on it. Anything past attendees feel is relevant.
Also, not sure any of my cosmo/nailtech friends could attend so I'm wondering if this is something a friend could attend with me even if they aren't in industry? At the Discover shows put on thru State Beauty, they will let me take someone outside industry in to shows with me as long as I buy them a ticket, but didn't know if all shows are this way.

WHat hotels offer specials and what was there prices last year?

Rural Kansas
I'm not sure, but I always get free rooms in Vegas so I will probably go. If you dont have anyone to go with, maybe we can hang together :-)
How do you get free rooms?

(10-02-2012, 10:04 AM)jluper7297 Wrote: I'm not sure, but I always get free rooms in Vegas so I will probably go. If you dont have anyone to go with, maybe we can hang together :-)

Rural Kansas
we only live 3 hours from Vegas. If you sign up for casino player cards, and put them in the machine while you're playing, they often give out free rooms.
You have to be licensed to attend.
You don't need to be licensed to attend. When you purchase your tickets through their website you will find options for purchasing a ticket for a non-licensed guest.

They do try to make sure attendees are legitimately associated with the salon industry, but they have the good sense to realize that not every salon-related job requires licensing. You should have no problem taking a friend.

The BF goes to the Vegas show with me and has a thing for the Flamingo, but last year we stayed at the Marriot Courtyard, directly accross from the Convention Center and I told the BF that's where we're always going to stay from now on!

It's totally worth buying the tickets for the monorail if you plan on going to the strip. Very convenient for getting around.

Maggie Franklin: Art of Nailz, Visalia CA
I'm glad to know I do have the option to take someone not a cosmo or nailtech. I wondered why they wouldn't let us bring receptionists and the such.

What hotels usually have special rates for IBS attendees?
When do they usually make the rest of info available and let you start signing up for it?
Do they run any specials with any airlines?

I just really like to plan ahead and have details taken care of. So I really appreciate all your help.
Rural Kansas

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