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Need to vent, so discouraged
Angryok i just had a text of my friend (costumer) she is having a SPA mani-pedi at a local shop with a groupon thing for 20 dollars, how in the heck I can compete with that???.

I was nice and I told her to enjoy her sevices there, but the truth is I am furious that she had the balls to text me, last time she ask for an appointment with me, she never called back or text to confirm the date.

She was at that place before and she said they did a fast crappy job, I just wish she never text me again, end of rant Angry
She is officially fired from now on Big Grin, there is no way I am going to give her my spa pedicure for 10 dollars, they can keep herTongue.

If she says something about why you are charging more. And not competing with the $20 combo price, then feel free to ask her, why she doesn't take a 70% pay cut at her own job, what is she selfish and needs to make money to support herself?
(03-06-2012, 08:51 PM)sobeit Wrote: If she says something about why you are charging more. And not competing with the $20 combo price, then feel free to ask her, why she doesn't take a 70% pay cut at her own job, what is she selfish and needs to make money to support herself?

Thank you Peggy! Heart

I was furious and sad, she knows I am starting, and I was always super nice trying to please her. I am in a better mood now.
I sure will tell her, if she dares to ask.

Groupon caters to people like her, they're not worth having........
I agree, groupon attracts the type of clients that we don't want or need, it attracts the ones who are always after a cheap deal and will jump from salon to salon to get it.
We want loyal clients who value our services and time and who know a good thing when they get itSmile and keep coming back and who are happy to pay for everything they get.

Don't stress about this lady, she's not worth your time but I do agree with Peggy, if she asks why you do not partake in same deals, then tell her outright and tell her that you value yourself and your business too much.
I cannot stand groupon deals. I don't buy them myself. I know how much it screws a company. I would rather pay full price and get a great service. Often you have to rush through those coupons to try and recoup some money by cramming them in, much shorter service time slots. Forget it.
I can relate. I received a call from a potential client. The first thing out of her mouth was "I don't want to pay too much for my Mani/Pedi." The next thing she explained is that she is heading out of town in 2 days and needs to have them done tomorrow, before she goes. I quoted my normal pricing, let her know my availability for the next day and let her make an excuse why she could not book and get off the phone.

My husband (a salesman) who overheard the conversation was bothered that I did not push for the "sale". I laughed and told him that I did not need someone who would only think of me at the last minute and expect me to jump through hoops for the cheapest price possible.

Moral of the story...some people are not worth our time and energy. And will NEVER appreciate what we can offer.
Thank you for your support and words Peggy, Dona, Whooska and Malea Heart Smile.

I sure will tell her I don't charge crappy groupon prices, and I don't give crapy groupon services lol, right?

"Pay a fair price get a great service"Smile.
I hear ya. One of my best friends decided to go to a McNails to get a set of acrylics done. (she's the type who when she decides she wants something, she wants it NOW, so didn't want to wait for me to get an opening). So the day after she got them done they started to lift already and she complained about them. And now she asked me if I could fill them. Sure, ya don't want to pay me for a full set , which is more $, but I get to get paid less for doing a fill. (And yes, I do charge my friends).

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