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Natural/Healthy enhancements - billynphx - 01-16-2018

I have a client who KEEPS asking me about a Natural or Healthy or Herbalistic alternative to traditional Acrylics. She keeps asking about the Dip type acrylic. I told her None of them really stay in their liquid state long enough to do any real harm. They All have a minimal trace that might be absorbed through the Nail Plate. Scrub Fresh, Acetone, Any Monomer, even Polish... All of the things we use evaporate fairly quickly. Is there a product out there that I might start using on her? She said she would even buy it if I will apply it. Also, Are Dip Acrylics really any safer?

RE: Natural/Healthy enhancements - nailgalinaz - 01-16-2018

IMO there is nothing safe and if you are dipping not pouring you are cris contaminating the product. It’s the poor prep (filing damage to the natural nail that causes damage). I had a client who wanted her perfect acrylics off, so I filed the bulk and soaked them (the way you are supposed to do). She continually wined about the acetone and how unnatural it was. Really and you wear acrylics. So to answer your question—I am not sure there is truly a healthy product. There are some that have less chemicals than others. I do know some people just shouldn’t get their nails done.