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Help please...gel topcoat for nail art??? - SWIBeauty - 10-06-2011

I have been using unbar infinity top coat for my acrylic paint nail art and it's chipping off in a couple of days.
If anyone has a favorite gel top coat that is really long lasting on nail art, esp acrylic paint, please post! Smile

- sobeit - 10-06-2011

If it's going over an enhancement that you put the art on, I love NSI glaze n Go tackless sealer. Any tackless sealer would work. If it's over natural nails with the art done on traditional nail polish, then I hear seche vite UV is great for that.

- SWIBeauty - 10-07-2011

I'll look into that gel topcoat thanks for the suggestion, the unbar topcoat I am using is a no cleanse as well, I think it is just too thin.

- EternalFlower09 - 10-08-2011

I've been using Glaze n' Go and i've had chipping problems

- SWIBeauty - 10-08-2011

I ordered ibd intense seal and seche vite, I'll try that and report back. Thanks for the input so farSmile

- sobeit - 10-08-2011

Quote:EternalFlower09 :
> I've been using Glaze n' Go and i've had chipping problems
Are you using it over acrylic paints? Over nails polish? On natural nails or enhancements? I found using on nail polish with enhancement nails it chips off, so I only use it to seal pink and whites. Or to seal in acrylic painted on nail art. But if I get to close to the edge of the nails then it chips too, it needs to be in contact with the enhancement itself around the edges to seal properly. Found that out the hard way.