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Full Version: Gelously TPR (Total Polish Replacement)
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Just received an email from Gelously. Starts shipping tomorrow. Their TPR (Total Polish Replacement) came out today. Only 4 colors to begin-Rio Red, Mauven,Lollipop, and Dance With Me- a red, mauve, pink, and brownish. Only one base/top coat to deal with and in .06 oz. bottles. Colors are 16.95 and the base/ top is 19.95.....
Very interesting.
WOW a whole 4 colors??
the link isn't working for me....... Sad
It's misspelled.

Donna in Huntsville, TX. :
> the link isn't working for me....... Sad
yea, just opened my emails and saw that.....kinda thought that's what it was.... :roll:
Sorry....fingers not working properly