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Full Version: Spider Tutorial as requested. *monster tutorial added!*
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Quote:IF you guys/gals are creating these pieces and putting them on Facebook I would appreciate a mention using my facebook page in the www link below. I took a long time to make sure these were usable and I like to see what you have come up with using my original work. Sincerely Peggy

I will upload the monster later and edit the thread title to reflect that. Here is the spider tutorial. Have fun creating her. My image as always is under © protection. I would loooooove to see your photos when you do them.


Haha, you read my mind, I just commented on your other post, I'm going to try this later, thanks for sharing!
Thank you for this awesome tutorial Smile Guess you didn't go to the zoo?
I always feel I can't do nail art like this, but when someone shows you step by step like this, it's not so intimidating! Thank you so much I'm excited to try this now!!!


Big Grin I did get to go to the zoo. We go all the time and it was such a nice day. Saw the baby orangutan for the first time in months.
Your welcome for the tutorial. It's not so bad when you see it step by step, shape by shape. I will upload the monster later today. I have to crop the photos and lay them out like above first.

I forgot to add that my paint pen/brush brand is Mia Secret. It's the pin head pen when you pull the cap off, and if you twist it and pull out then it's a striping brush. The size of the pen tip is so small it makes great thin line work and easier for small areas and dots.
Great Tutorial!
Clear instructions.
Visual to boot Smile


I just thought of something. Last year when I made my Halloween nesting dolls and those can be found in my signature link for my art gallery, anyhoo on those dolls I gave them a few country style patch work pieces on the cloths. I also did that on my wood pumpkin signs and I think the spider body would be super cute with a square patch.
To do the patch you make a small shape you like, I prefer squares, then maybe a few small dots on that solid colored shape. Then you put 2 lines that are close together and over lap the edge of the shape and the same amount overlaps on the spider body, do these lines on all 4 sides.
If you look at my nesting dolls you will see what I mean.
Love it... =]
Love it.. Thanks sooo much for sharing.. Cant wait to see the other ones... Big Grin
Thanks so much! Can't wait to try them at work tomorrow!


Here is the monster set.