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Full Version: Where in the midwest/furniture showroom??
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Looking to purchase a new pedicure chair..I am looking at the pipeless the pibbs or the continuum chairs.

But where is a GREAT supply house that has a large selection of furniture on display?

Around this area...usually they have one or two items and they are crammed into a corner Sad

Any suggestions would be great!! Or if you have any opinoins on the pedicure units, please help!

If you're willing to travel a bit I know Omaha has the Peel's showroom with used and new pedicure chairs.
Yes, totally willing to travel!

Thank you so much for the input. This board can be frustrating..That why most of the time I lurk Big Grin
i can tell you of 5 places here in the Detroit area in MI... might be a little far though...