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Full Version: Tammy Taylor Miracle Manicure
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Who has tried this top gel plus? was really thinkiing of ordering. If it works how great would this be?
I don't think it has come on the market yet, according to the email I got with the video, but sometime this month. If it works like she says (and she's always straight up), my clients would like it better than the gel polishes, because of the ease of removal.
It's suppose to be available in early April. I'd like to give it a try, too. Are any of you going to be using a specific top-coat with it?

It's my understanding that the base stays on for 14 days, wondering how the colour will hold up on it?

Please give a heads up if you try it before me Smile

Wooops~ thought you were referring to the "Miracle-Manicure" :oops:
Cool stuff! I can't wait to hear how people like it. It would be a good alternative for people who don't like gel polish for whatever reason.
so I just looked on the website and I am guessing you can orde it now. But here's my thang it can only be used on gel or acrylic. stomp foot!
I think you are confusing two different products- the Miracle Manicure Base Coat and the Top Gel Plus. The Miracle Manicure is a base coat for natural nails, used with polish. Tammy uses her Super Dry Top Coat in the video with it. Top Gel Plus is used with either an UV or LED light. It seals and protects acrylics and gels and stays shiny for 2 weeks. Check the Miracle Manicure video linked on Tammy's website.
TN~ Thank you for the clarification~ Big Grin
Looking at that video, it looks like it is not removed with polish remover i.e. the natural nails stay shiney after removal and more polish can be applied??? Is it UV cured?

Now I'm thinking..... if it doesn't come off and new polish can be applied.... what stops a client having it applied once every three months or so and just polishing their own nails?

I'm confused. I've still not invested in a gel polish range, perhaps I will hold on a bit longer!
I have e-mailed Tammy, so hopefully she will clarify this. But no, it is not cured under a light. Base coat, two coats of color, and top coat. Then when removed with polish remover, it leaves a clear coat effect that looks to keep the nails looking neat.


All I know is I need it. I want it. I will have it. Muahahahaha.... I don't see where on the site that we can order now Kathyharper Sad if you see it on there can you send the page link to me? If its not up yet then I will wait, impatiently in need as always. Haha.
I received an e-mail back from Tammy just now. She said she will be sending me a new video that shouls answer our questions. She also said there has been an overwhelming response to this product, As soon as I know, you will know.

Sorry this one is for the base gel ya'll are talking about.
The link
that Collen posted is the correct one for Miracle Manicure Sneak Peek- Take 2
In this video the base coat is cured two minutes. Then polish and Tammy's Super Dry Top Coat. Still seems easier than gel polishes to me. Check it out.
So how is it removed? Neither sneak peek video (1) nor (2) address removal. Does it buff or soak off? Buffing doesn't sound good, and soaking is much like using gel polish. (probably less time though)

Looking forward to more info:-)
Reading the post along with the video- it says it can be buffed off. I'm thinking it is much thinner than gel polish and won't take much buffing.


Well I take back my original reply. I feel like this is no different than applying hard gel, or gel polish clear as the base for the traditional polish. In my opinion ( yes even before trying it ) this product is not new and is not changing manicures forever, forever... I know some of us have already been using clear Eco so quick clear/base or Gelish structure as the base just like the second video. so bummed. the initial video sneak peek had me so excited, until the second sneak peak showed curing.
So I get out my NSI Polish Pro base coat, and apply it very generously instead of the ultra thin for gel polish. It looks identical and cured so smooth and gave some thickness to the nail. Apply polish and remove it, like magic still shiney. Granted I don't known if TT has to be buffed off or soaked but as far as the base coats that need to be thin for gel polish if it's down thicker it's perfect for traditional polish wear. No gel polish top needed. I used my polish pro instead of my Eco as I know Eco can be applied in a thicker gel like layer, and wanted to see what polish pro base would do when applied thick.
Her latest email said that the polish is removed by "buffing"....
Ladies Smile Lets look at this logically now Smile You can do this same thing with any UV Gel Polish base (1 or 2 coats, curing and remove tacky layer), traditional polish and traditional top coat or even now we do have UV top coats that will work over polish!
Totally agree with you Lorraine!!
Now reading the directions, it's says you can apply two coats of the Miracle Manicure, cure each coat, wipe the sticky layer off, then apply two coats of any brand of polish, then any brand of top coat. Now......we all know that polish will adhere better and longer to an artifical surface like acrylics, fiberglass, and gel than on a natural nail with a base coat. Using a base of Eco, ManiQ, Structure, etc will do the same thing. If you notice that that she doesn't use a foundation, primer, or bonder, just dehydrates and applies the "Miracle manicure". Just another new product to dangle over our noses, lol roll
I yield to those more in the know but does sound like marketing a product with a twist.
Anna, it really is a fantastic marketing angle, there is no disputing that Smile Power to Tammy Taylor for the marketing ways she is so good at!
After getting into all this, I see it is not so new, but again it's a good idea. Think about are paying about $16 abottle for shellac...can't live with just a few colors (or I couldn't) , so you buy her base, use your existing polish...the manicure lasts 2 weeks...happy client. Seems like it could go back to "if it ain't broke don't fix it". Really, this could be a good idea for those that are starting out or are on a limited budget and can't afford a lot of investment at the time.
I completely agree here, it also opens up the world to tons more color choices. eco So Quick base coat lasts forever given the amount that you would use, this would make a very economical means of offering the service at $4.95 per pot I bt you could get 30-40 applications as purely a base coat.

The other thing I'll mention (sorry if this sound like an advertisement) eco So Quick is formulated to use a traditional air type quick dry top coat. This does speed up the application process. The air dry top coat Polish Sealer, is dry in 60 seconds. It saves the last 2 minute per hand curing time.


Theres a base coat available in every line . You don't have to buy TT if you are already using Shellac base or Eco, Polish Pro, Gelish and so on. Just apply the base thicker, be generous with it. I did it with Polish Pro like I said above. Still on, polish is still intact. The base is essentially clear, some topcoats are of a thiner but the base is just clear so put a nice amount on the nail plate, or two coats and you have your TT-ish base for polish.
I guess I'm mad cause I'm like why would you market a product that's a gel base coat that you can get from any line of gel polish and market it as the next best thing to sliced bread? Did she really think we were that stupid to believe that? Just sayin'
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