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Full Version: Qtica discontinuing scrub?!?!? Ack!
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Our beauty supply says that qtica scrub is being discontinued. How can they do this to me?? I've used it for years and it's by far my favorite. Anyone hear this? Is there something similar you guys like?


I think the store is mistaking it with them discontinuing sales of it, Zoya/qtica says its not going anywhere. Big Grin


Just called the company directly, they are not discontinuing their scrubs. More than likely it is the supplier who is not going to carry them anymore. Always best to go straight to the company to validate information beforehand.
I've heard this many times from clerks at the distributor. You can't blame them, you have to blame the higher ups in the distributorship management. It's a shame so many technicians go to purchase their favorite item to be told it has been discontinued, when the facts are the distributor has stopped carrying it. I went in to buy a tube of CND gel bond some time ago to be told it was discontinued. They only had the huge tube and it would dry up before I used it all. I was very disappointed. Unfortunately in this case it was true because I called CND to ask just as you did. In these cases it is best to go straight to the source!