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Hello everyone.
Im obviously new to Beauty Tech and I've been sitting here now for hours reading through plenty of posts.
I am farely new to the industry. I live in Northern Ontario and have just recently opened a business in my home. I received training in Feb of 2009 for acrylic ( only a 5 day course ) then I worked in a local salon. Didn't get along with the boss so I decided to work on a business plan and apply for a government grant. I got my grant in January of 2010 and have taken a few courses for gel through en Vogue and T.E.N. I am currently trying out the Akzentz line but mainly use en Vogue for sculpting. I do not do acrylics, only gels.
I don't feel I had enough practice or training so I am trying my best to read books, watch DVDs, read forums online, watch videos on youtube ( legit ones ) but its really hard when you live so far away from anyone that could help educate you.
So I have a lot of questions. Expect to see them out there! Smile